Hackensack’s "Main Street"

Hackensack’s "Main Street"

Journeys into Hackensack

There is a source with a wealth of information on Hackensack, its origins and evolution of the years.

Today we share some words from on the earliest days of Main Street:

“Almost from the beginning of our country there was a main Street—called King's Highway at

that time. People were living and working on lower Main Street within sixty years of the second

oldest European settlement in the United States (Jamestown 1607). Due to the building of the

Dutch Reformed Church and the establishment of Hackensack as the county seat, there was a

slow but steady increase in the population. Colonial Hackensack had about thirty homes in the

village which was in the present lower Main Street area. They were red sandstone homes and

there were neighborhood shops, all well-kept”.

“In the early 1800's, Main Street had deep ditches on either side, the road rounded up

and was covered with gravel. Sidewalks were cow paths and people walked on them singly.

(State Street had wagon tracks through the center—the balance of the street

was grass, no sidewalks)”

Hackensack’s "Main Street"

Info. Source: http://www.hackensack.org/filestorage/6876/8442/8444/1976_History_Book.pdf

Image credit: hackensack.org