Revolutionary War Hackensack

Revolutionary War Hackensack

Journeys into Hackensack

Hard to believe that half of 2022 is already gone and the Fourth of July is upon us.

As was the case with so many aspects of our lives, Independence Day and our local traditions took a hit during the starting waves of COVID. Now, as efforts continue to get past the challenges of that period, many are looking forward to a traditional Hackensack Fourth. Having felt its absence, more than a few of us will never take it for granted again.

Around here we celebrate not just the spirit of the American Revolution, but also the fact that Hackensack played an important role in the actual making of that history.

From our count there are approximately 15 significant Revolutionary War sites attributed to Hackensack.

A complete listing of each of those historic sites – and the stories behind them – can be found at this interesting page:

As you celebrate the Fourth this year, in the midst of the parades, fireworks and cookouts, perhaps you might also take a second to contemplate those places, people and events that helped make a nation.

And, maybe you might have the chance to pay a visit to our hometown places of interest – whether for the Fourth of any other day of the year.

Revolutionary War Hackensack

Happy Fourth.