More on the Name “New Milford”

More on the Name “New Milford”

Journeys into New Milford

One of version of our area history has it that New Milford was originally situated on the west side of the Hackensack River – approximately between the present day New Milford Avenue and Oradell Avenue – both along Kinderkamack Raod. That version has it that the name migrated to the east and Peetzburgh, when that neighborhood felt compelled to turn away from its German sounding name in the wake of hostility during the first World War.

However, a New Milford history book, the 1964 Story of New Milford, looks at this history of the New Milford name with a different take.

This version goes to considerable lengths to explain that for decades the river was considered as a central thoroughfare running through communities. So it was thought that New Bridge, Old Bridge, River Edge, Peeztburgh and New Milford meant the area on both banks of the river in that vicinity.

No firm date was provided as the time that “New Milford” was first used. However, this history notes that it was in 1852 that a “New Milford” post office opened – some 70 years before the modern day Borough was established. By the way, that history did not indicate where that post office was located – though it is believed that it was in the north end of town.

Info Source: Story of New Milford, 1964, by Leon Smith

Photo Credit: Oradell Historical Archives