A picture with many stories – An Early photo of Route 4

A picture with many stories – An Early photo of Route 4

Journeys into River Edge

We initially wanted to include this photo with our most recent posting about River Edge “Little Histories” 1938-1942.

But there was so much to it that we felt that it deserved a posting unto itself.

The photo is Route 4 looking west at its intersection with Main Street & Bogert Road, January, 1939. It came to us through the River Edge Archives. It was initially published locally in The Record of April 28, 1985 (“Insight” submission). It was a photo made by Vincent T. Marchese of Paterson from negatives of Charles Heinrichs, a Paterson commercial photographer who was active between the world wars.

The description speaks of being able to discern, with a magnifying glass, small details in the photo – such as the mileage marker (“Paterson 6, Suffern 15”), the ads (“Clams 30 for 25 cents”), and “Reis Homes, $3900).

The Record description also points out the Zabriskie Pond on the left (later the longtime home of the recently shuttered Liberty Travel).

A couple of other items I note before turning it over to you:

- According to our local history Route 4 opened in 1938 (Though the G.W. Bridge opened in 1931 and the original bridges along the road had the construction date designation of 1931 as well).

- The homes on the right that were lost when the Marginal road was added in the early 1950’s

- The traffic light that allowed traffic and pedestrians to cross Route 4 at Main Street

- Off on the last in the distance was Nystrom’s Restaurant, a long time fixture on the highway that later became the Neptune Inn and are now a series of small stores just beyond the Gulf Station/Dunkin Donuts on the eastbound lens (We share a phot of Nystrom’s with you in a future posting).

River Edge along the highway – 83 years ago…

A picture with many stories – An Early photo of Route 4