Updates: The River Edge Hotel & Turkey Shoots from the Past

Updates: The River Edge Hotel & Turkey Shoots from the Past

Journeys into River Edge

A couple of weeks ago (November, 2021), we posted a “River Edge Place That Matters” entry about the River Edge Hotel. This posting elicited some good feedback, including a note from Nancy Rush (accompanied by a picture) about a chair in her home that was once part of the River Edge Hotel.

Here is what she sent:

Nancy Rush: “We have a rocking chair from the hotel in our home. That section of town has been home to our family for well over 100 years, and some members of our extended family have lived on every block here in the Cherry Hill area!”

Soon thereafter she then sent this: “A rocking chair from the River Edge Hotel. Was in my grandmother’s house on Christie Avenue for decades, and then passed on to our house on Washington”.

Updates: The River Edge Hotel & Turkey Shoots from the Past

Thanks to Nancy and to all those who weighed in to help add to the story about this historic place and its role within the hearts and minds of many in the community.


It feels like Thanksgiving. The weather is finally cold and season like. Football is heating up and the holiday season buzz is upon us.

Last year at this time, I first posted about my recollection (and ignorance) about a regular event in town from years ago – the local turkey shoot. As mentioned then, I wanted no part of it - the shooting; the poor turkey being shot. Only many years later did I start to understand what the event was actually all about.

A posting from Jodi Lenkel last year enlightened me:

“I remember the Turkey shoot! You bought a ticket as a fundraiser for the police department and got to shoot guns with blanks at a paper target of a turkey outline with small numbers in it. You went against others and they added the score or each round and who ever had the highest won a free turkey”

There is nothing in our local written local history on the topic – other than that it started in 1958 as an event was sponsored by the River Edge Police Reserve. So we again turn to you here to fill in the blanks – as we seek any recollections you might have of the event. We hope to assemble these recollections into a time capsule of sorts, creating a history for the Turkey Shoot years past in River Edge – something to pass along to those who follow us.

Many thanks.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, as mentioned last year at this time, I am thankful for my loved ones. And, I am thankful to be part of River Edge and to count you as my neighbors.

Wishing you and those dear to you a good Thanksgiving