Passing: Oritani Savings Bank

Passing: Oritani Savings Bank

Journeys into Hackensack

Just a couple of weeks back we posted about the disappearance of the Oritani name in Hackensack.

As part of the posting we mentioned the Oritani Filed Club, the Oritani Theater, the Oritani Motel and the Oritani Savings Bank. At that time we included a picture of what for a longtime was the headquarters of the Oritani Bank, located at the corner of Main and Berry, before the bank relocated to Washington Township.

As mentioned, not too long ago the bank was bought out. The Oritani name was a casualty of that transaction.

Now, we note the demolition of that Hackensack building that once was the bank headquarters. When built in the 1960’s, the new structure represented a vote of confidence in Hackensack, which was being bypassed by many for the shopping malls on the site of old celery farms in Paramus.

So, the Oritani Bank remained an achor – there across the street from Cowan’s Sporting Goods, the Womrath’s bookstore and the Franklin Simon department store. Next door was the Fox Theater and just up (down) the block were the Oritani Theater and Arnold Constable.

To many the corner of Main and Berry was the focal point of Hackensack (Others claim Banta Place and Mercer Street).

Today there is open space – one of many in Hackensack. It awaits a new structure as part of a new chapter in what is being called “The Sack”.

For now, we remember what was there. It served the community well and provided a sense of place for a long time.

Passing: Oritani Savings Bank