A River Edge Place That Matters – An Introduction

A River Edge Place That Matters – An Introduction

Journeys into River Edge

Some are still with us today. Many are not. Either way they are places that matter to us that call River Edge home – whether we are someone who lives here today, used to, or just has a soft place in their heart for our town.

Many of these sites are “historic”, though only some have been formally “designated”. They all have stories to tell and are worth remembering to pass along to those who will follow. And, as we remember them, we hope that you too will see that they still resonate. They are, indeed, places that matter.


Any survey of places that matter in River Edge, of course, starts with the Von Steuben House – these days known as the Zabriskie-Steuben House at New Bridge Landing.

It is a noted example of Bergen Dutch sandstone architecture.

It was confiscated from Loyalist Jan Zabriskie, and served as a military headquarters through much of the Revolutionary War. General George Washington made it his headquarters, September 4 to 17, 1780. Following the war, it was given to Major General Baron von Steuben, who occupied it from 1783 to 1788.

The Steuben House has long been esteemed a Revolutionary landmark. Its architecture and historic furnishings recall the Bergen Dutch, an agricultural community whose language and culture blended contributions from Dutch, Angolan African, German, English, French, Scotch and Scandinavian settlers

There is much more. Of course, a visit to the site is the best way to learn, but short of that here is some additional background on this place that plays such an important role in history and in our local hearts and minds.

Additional info: Bergen County Historical Society https://www.bergencountyhistory.org/steuben-house

A Short History of River Edge by Kevin Wright https://www.riveredgenj.org/.../River%20Edge.../History.pdf

A River Edge Place That Matters – An Introduction