Paramus' Zoo Before Van Saun

Paramus' Zoo Before Van Saun

A Journey into Paramus

These days the Bergen County Zoo at Van Saun is a premiere destination. It is home to an interesting array of animals. It is large enough to offer quite a range of offerings, but small enough to be intimate. It, along with the train and carousel provide a great start for a local day trip.

Few of the thousands who visit are aware that before the Bergen County Zoo, a smaller private collection of animals could be found just outside Van Saun.

What today is the popular Ted's North at the corner of Continental Avenueand Spring Valley Road was once Komsa's Farm. The place serve up prepared foods. It also had a little zoo of its own.

Today it is the site of the popular Ted's North. The  large back area is a clue that there was a prior life to the property.

In fact, that is where the "houses" and sheds for animals could be found.

There is an interesting Facebook page that has generated many wonderful comments and remembrances.

For instance, Carolyn Straka recalls "the chickens in back and the live Christmas display with sheep, donkey and so forth".

Another poster recalled the annual Christmas display as well., "They had a miniature village set up. The buildings were like large doll houses. It was really beautiful".

Phyllis Mandelbaum  wrote that her dad used to own Komsa Farms. She used to work there with her Dad over Thanksgivings and Christmases and she recalls the live trukeyes and a horse with attutudes. She also sang the praises of the place's pickles and fries.

And, Rich Mayer recalls picking up Thanksgiving turkey in the back.

Finally, Sandi Schwartz Goldzweig reports that Komsa's was even a movie set  for the filming of one of hos movies (Zelig).

The recollections and the level of connection are something to behold - memories still fresh these many years later.