Uniquely River Edge: The Little Post Office Building That Time Forgot

Uniquely River Edge: The Little Post Office Building That Time Forgot

Journeys into River Edge

Overshadowed by its neighbors, the turn of the century rail station and the “Old Bridge”, there is a very small building just across the tracks at River Edge Road that is little celebrated, but yet deserving of greater recognition in its own right.

Painted white (I remember it being light green – when did that change?), the structure has known a number of lives for over a century. In 1911, contractor Carl Ufheil, of Peetzburg, built a small post office building of concrete blocks for River Edge, opposite the train station on the west bank of the river. It served as a post office until 1931, and is said to have over the years received deliveries directly from the trains that stopped outside.

For a time not too long ago it was a coffee stand helping warm and nourish commuters before they boarded inbound trains in the morning.

Most recently, it has been the office and headquarters for the River Edge Shade Tree Commission.

We are told that they are stories related to that building. We turn to you as we try to collect and save those stories before they – and perhaps the building – is forgotten and cast away.

Can you add to our narrative about this building? We believe there is a history that merits our attention and respect.

With special thanks to Barbara Morci who posted the two photographs in “Now & Then Locations” https://www.facebook.com/groups/tristate1950/

Follow-up note: Here are your additions via Facebook (This is River Edge posting):

Virginia Fernandez Smith: Hi Eric for sometime I believe it was a man in town who restored baseball gloves

Tina Bulzomi Svevar: I remember when the place was used to sting baseball gloves.