Local Treasure

Local Treasure

A Journey into Oradell

George Carter is formally known as Oradell town historian.

More than that he is a local treasure.

A local resident since 1961, Carter raised a family town. He has also swerved the community through his work on the Historic Preservation Committee.

The Historic Committee is comprised of volunteers who convene regularly to discuss matters of historical interest and importance to the Borough. The group has participated in letter-writing campaigns to support the preservation of Blauvelt Mansion, in addition to attending Mayor and Council meetings and advocating for the preservation of Oradell's historic artifacts and landmarks.

George Carter has spearheaded the preservation of pictures and artifacts through his role as curator.

So impressive has been his work that his services have been sought in other communities - including my hometown of River Edge.

Moreover, Carter has served the community in other ways.

Check out this interesting story about how every week Carter tells OPS second graders stories he wrote many years ago in his 210-page historical story, "The Adventures and Misadventures of Freddie Fox."

These days he is one of those involved in the effort to seek historic status for the Voorhis Cemetery, a 2,200-square-foot property sandwiched between railroad tracks and homes on Genther Avenue.

The cemetery contains the graves of members of the Voorhis family, whose ancestors came to North America from the Netherlands in 1660, according to documents in the Oradell Local History Collection. Historians have identified the headstones of 16 people buried in the cemetery, dating to the first decade of the 19th century.

Reports The Record, the New Jersey Historic Preservation Office rejected the borough's application last month, but the folks in Oradell are preparing to reapply on behalf of a plot they feel has clear historic significance.

Based on these efforts and more, Oradell is blessed to have a resource like George Carter. I feel similarly fortunate to know him and be able to work with him.