Are Your Favourite Makeup Brands Cruelty Free?

Are Your Favourite Makeup Brands Cruelty Free?

Choosing compassionate and cruelty free makeup doesn’t mean you have to give up on quality products. We’ll take you through our favourite cruelty free brands.

Making the decision to support brands that have chosen NOT to test on animals is fantastic - over 150,000 animals are physically abused every year in the name of cosmetics testing - and completely unnecessarily. Use your power as a consumer and support these amazing quality brands that have taken a stand against testing on animals!


This NYC-born cosmetics company has been around for nearly two decades. Maureen Kelly started Tarte in 2000 on a mission to create high-performance, natural products - that didn’t harm anyone (or anything!) in the making. Tarte asks the question we all should be: Why choose between beauty that works and beauty that's healthy?

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Tarte Cosmetics

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

Started over 30 years ago in, you guessed it, Beverly Hills. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a industry leader for both innovation and compassion. This brand takes what they do seriously - the founder, Anastasia Soare, personally tests each product before it goes to market. Their dedication to quality and cruelty-free testing makes them an easy pick for our list.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills

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Kat Von D

The Mexico-born, multi-talented Kat Von D partnered with Sephora in 2008 on her own beauty line and hasn’t looked back since. The quality, yet edgy brand, has always been cruelty free and even has a full line of vegan makeup!

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Kat Von D Beauty

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Urban Decay

Another multi-decade brand (starting to see a pattern of longevity here with the quality cruelty free brands! Woohoo!) Urban Decay has been around for over twenty years - and continues to grow. Urban Decay was born out of necessity - for high quality cosmetics for those with alternative, and cruelty-free, tastes.

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Urban Decay

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So there you have it - no need to compromise quality for compassion!