6 Ways To Motivate Your Staff Members

6 Ways To Motivate Your Staff Members

Motivation and leadership are a great responsibility for anyone looked upon for direction.

Motivation and leadership are a great responsibility for anyone looked upon for direction. Motivation is giving your employees a reason to do something, simply, a motive for action. It is a basic need for your staff as it gives them the feeling of belonging, contribution, and personal growth. A happy workforce is what you need in your workplace to increase productivity and avoid turnover. Below are proven ways to motivate your staff;

1. Progression Meetings

The same way the objectives and vision of the company are vital, the career vision for your staff pushes motivation. Talk to them about their ambitions and possibly help them to make plans to achieve their goals; this makes them feel that they are working towards something great. Have one-on-one meetings with your staff and ask what they don’t like working on and why? Listen to their reasons, ideas, and what they are best at doing. They may even have ideas on processes they think need fixing in order to improve their performance. Employees know how they can be more efficient, try to implement those ideas.

2. Hawthrone Effect

Let your staff feel that you trust them to do the best job. Go ahead to recognize their contribution. You may be surprised to know that people usually want some form of recognition for a task well done. The Hawthrone effect explains that when you praise them for their hard work or reward them for their accomplishments, they are compelled to continue to work hard. Consider acknowledging all staff by name and strengths, increasing their salaries, and investing time into your staff to increase their cross-functional skills.

3. Provide Food Perks

It may seem simple, but nobody works well when they are hungry. Providing food creates some definite difference in this way; when you pay attention to their physical needs, your staff will get the impression that you care more about them as a person and not just an employee. Food-based perks will help you retain your employees and also attract new talent, and you can provide a consistent service with a fruit delivery package from SnackNation. This healthy, fresh food will re-energise staff, which leads to greater productivity.

4. Team Building

Teamwork is the most excellent motivator in a working environment. Employees spend most of their time working in the offices; thus, it is vital to have space where they are happy and comfortable. When your staff is happy, there will be less conflict among each other, and therefore, they will work together cohesively. Set time aside for some fun team-building activities from Team Building Kits where all staff participate to improve their teamwork and communication skills. Especially consider this if you hire new staff, in order to push communication and help them relate to the rest of the team.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) includes all the practices of a company that upholds the principles of sustainable development. It is merely a responsible organization; in an organization set up, CSR includes looking after employees, society charities, and increasing sustainability. Your commitment to things like employee perks and eco-friendly practices above and beyond the law create an excellent public image for your company. Therefore, you are likely to retain and attract top talents because people like to work for companies with the right public image. CSR motivates staff to work for you and also helps current employees feel like they are a part of making a difference, which could ultimately reduce turnover.

6. Chance to Upskill

Giving your staff vacation time is not enough to make them motivated; they need to learn, share ideas to feel they are continually growing. Thus, offer training to help them upskill both internally through skill sharing, but also relevant external courses such as those from Upskilled can improve the overall organisation’s efficiency. This way, they will feel they are climbing their career ladder and not maintaining repetitive tasks. Also, avoid micromanaging your staff, get out of their way, and allow them to express themselves, you will see how their productivity will improve.

An organisation that motivates its staff will not experience negative habits and attitudes such as coming to work late, leaving the workplace on the dot, or barely accomplishing the company goals. By empowering all the staff, you motivate them to go to work every day, and they willingly go extra miles for you and your customers. Don’t forget happy employees, happy customers.