Is it Fair to Compare Legend of Korra to Avatar: The Last Airbender

Is it Fair to Compare Legend of Korra to Avatar: The Last Airbender

Legend of Korra’s most disappointing aspect is its poor character development, which is in stark contrast with Avatar.

Legend of Korra was initially planned as a mini-series and had a far more complicated production than the original show because of studio interference and lack of creative path. Due to these issues in its production, some fans believe that it would be unfair to compare Legend of Korra with Avatar: The Last Airbender. But considering that such comparisons are wrong is not the mindset that can help create a better show in the future. It is essential to compare the two to help understand where they lack so that their mistakes can be avoided in the future.

The two shows have radically different structures that they follow. Avatar: The Last Airbender shows us the struggle that Aang undergoes in mastering each element before he finally faces the Fire Lord Ozai. While on the other hand, Legend of Korra tells a different story each season. So Korra lacks a single continuous vision like Avatar, which is a little off-putting. Korra goes through various adventures in each season, which often breaks her or makes her more mature. But each of these seasons ends in a resolution instead of anticipation. In contrast, Avatar does a great job of holding on to its viewers’ attention, leaving something to look forward to in the next season.

Legend of Korra’s most disappointing aspect is its poor character development, which is in stark contrast with Avatar that has several intriguing characters with complex conflicts of their own. The supporting characters on Legend of Korra functioned as static characters with no personal conflicts to worry about.

Avatar: The Last Airbender had many characters that grew significantly over the series. Like Sokka, who had no bending powers, did everything he could and became a great warrior. In the beginning, Katara was an annoyed teacher to Aang, who later became confident in her abilities and learned to make the best use of her skills. Zuko was a frustrated young boy who wanted to get back his honor but later realized that he had become someone that he can’t be proud of. He then changed his ways, won Avatar’s team’s trust, and became a great firebender. These are some of Avatar’s characters whose struggles seemed relatable, which helped forge emotional bonds with the audience. The emotional attachment and understanding, even with the supporting characters, are reasons that Avatar is still so popular with the fans.

Then there’s Korra, who is an interesting character herself, and the same can be said about Asami. But the first half of the show did not rise to its expectations because of the writers’ failed attempt to make Mako a source of romantic conflict. Mako is a static character with no other purpose and drive, making it hard for the viewers to connect with him. Bolin, who could have been a much more interesting character to look forward to, was sidelined for his unimpressive brother. However, the story does get better when it is focused on Korra and Asami.

While in most instances, Korra would fail to compete with Avatar, what it has done well is to portray trauma and recovery. By end of Book 3, Korra was utterly broken and emotionally vulnerable after her confrontation with Zaheer. Still, in Book 4, Korra’s recovery and her struggle to get over past trauma are encapsulated brilliantly. This shows that Korra does have the potential to portray a mature storyline in which characters emerge victorious over their psychological hardships.

The refusal to compare Korra and Avatar makes it seem that Korra is a terrible show, which is not true. Korra does have its fair share of flaws, but it is still a great show to watch. Comparisons do create scope for improvement in the potential follow-up series, and there is nothing wrong in talking about shortcomings in order to improve.

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