How to Easily Configure VPN on iPhone or iPad?

How to Easily Configure VPN on iPhone or iPad?

One can easily configure VPN service manually by using your login information on your iOS device.

Apple provides several features to iOS users, and one of them is the easy access to set up a new VPN client that accepts PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. VPN extends a particular private network across public Networks and enables its users to receive and send several data across public or shared networks. VPN helps the user to create a direct connection right from the PC to another network. VPN can be used to set up secure internet connection.

One can easily configure Virtual Private Network on iPhone or iPad devices. To do so, you will need to set up information just before starting the process. It includes remote ID, server, passcode and username.

How to Configure a VPN on iPhone and iPad?

In case you wish to configure VPN service on your iPhone or iPad, then you need to Sign-Up with any of the trusted VPN providers and install the app on your device. Launch the application and then log in to the account. After some time, it asks for your confirmation to add a VPN to your iOS device. You have to tap the Allow button to configure VPN on your smartphone. Once your VPN is activated on your system, you don’t need to open the app, and the connectivity process will become straightforward.

To configure VPN service on your iPhone and iPad, follow these simple instructions:

First of all, open the Settings page by tapping the gear-shaped icon directly from the home screen.

After that, hit the “General” button and then choose “VPN.”

In case you have multiple options, then you need to select the one with the name “VPN client” that you desire to use.

Now, you have to toggle your status switch to ON.

Note: In case you have limited or a free plan, turn the toggle to off after using the VPN.

How to Manually Configure a VPN on iOS Device?

One can easily configure VPN service manually by using your login information on your iOS device.

Follow these steps to configure VPN client manually:

First and foremost, open the Settings page directly from your Home screen.

Then, press the General button.

Now, hit the VPN and then press the option “Add VPN” Configuration.

After that, hit the Type menu and then choose the VPN type option from the available choices, be it IKEv2, L2TP, or IPSec.

In case you wish to return back, then hit the Cancel tab located at the uppermost left-hand side edge of the screen.

Then, type the complete information related to VPN settings information with a various description such as remote ID and server.

Now, enter authenticated login details such as your username and account passcode.

Hit the Done tab there.

Now, move to the VPN Configuration section and then toggle the Status option switch on.

Once you are all set with your VPN, then follow the same steps as written above to switch it off.

When opting for a VPN service provider, make sure to choose someone who is reliable rather than going for someone that may offer their service for free and siphon your data.

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