Call of Duty Mobile: Top Tier Weapons of Season 10

Call of Duty Mobile: Top Tier Weapons of Season 10

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Call of Duty Mobile is the fastest-growing battle royale game. Every season, the developers of COD Mobile release new weapons and items that force the players to go more deeply into the game. The updated loadouts and weapons are impressively stunning. Call of Duty Mobile recently launched Season 10 that includes some powerful weapons. Now to compete against the enemies strategically, it is necessary to know about every powerful weapon of the current season.

The competition in Call of Duty Mobile is tough despite the fact it’s a mobile game. To win a match in Call of Duty Mobile, players have to make the correct strategy and use the right weapon. To reach on higher levels, you have to focus on survival and eliminating the enemies, but using a powerful weapon should always be a priority. So here are the top tier weapons of Season 10.

Top Tier Weapons in COD Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, every weapon has some specialty. However, some weapons have serious damage, accuracy, and range, so players usually use them. Power and accuracy play a major factor in the shooting, which is why it is necessary to use every weapon to know the power and potential of every weapon.

Best Assault Rifle

DR-H arrived in Season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile. This weapon has its own identity, and players consider it one of the best AR of the game. Because of its decent firing rate and high base damage with great accuracy, players prefer to use it. However, being a powerful AR, it still can’t compete with SMG in close range. In medium-range attacks, DR-H is super deadly. By using the OTM attachment, you can improve its damage even more. Once you attach the OTM, its body shots deal the same damage as headshots.

Best LMG

LMGs in Call of Duty Mobile are not considered as the primary weapons. However, the one specialty of LMG weapons is its magazine size. If you ever use LMG, try to pick M4 because its huge bullet counts can extremely damage the enemy. As compared to other LMGs, M4 has better accuracy.

Best Shotgun

Shotguns are not useful when it comes to long and medium-range, which is why they are not a preferred primary weapon. However, sometimes according to the situations, shotguns help the players. In close-range battles, shotguns can show its actual potential, if used correctly. If you ever try to use the shotgun, go with KRM-262. This shotgun has been in the Call of Duty Mobile since Season 3, and still, there’s no other shotgun compared to it. If you expect to have great accuracy and damage, you should play with KRM-262. By using some attachments, you can boost its damage and range.

Best SMG

The new season has introduced some buffs, making the HG 40 the best SMG weapon of the game. When using HG 40, you’ll not feel any recoil and the damage of the weapon is very impressive. By attaching the right attachments, you can also improve its accuracy. In the close and medium-range, this weapon is a pure beast.

Best Sniper

Snipers are by default, powerful in their class. The power, accuracy, range of snipers are mostly perfect, and that’s why they are best for long-range battles. In Call of Duty Mobile, The Locus is a deadly sniper, which is highest in the class. It can eliminate the enemy from a far distance with perfect accuracy. However, if you attach the attachments with it, you can eliminate your targets more quickly.


Call of Duty Mobile is all about shooting and eliminating the enemies. While playing the game, players have to focus on a few more things apart from shooting. To win the game, it is necessary to survive longer by using the right tactics.

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