Fortnite: Find The Collection and Destroying Collector Cases

Fortnite: Find The Collection and Destroying Collector Cases

To reach The Collection, you have to search on a snowy hill at the northeast side of the “Catty Corner.

Fortnite’s Season 4 Week 4 has introduced several challenges. Among the challenges, one asks the players to destroy the Collector Cases at “The Collection.” With the arrival of the new season, Fortnite modified some popular locations and changed their names. The Collector is also part of Marvel-themes events. Players who have played the XP Coins challenge of week 3 are familiar with this location because a coin was hidden in the location.

To reach The Collection, you have to search on a snowy hill at the northeast side of the “Catty Corner.” The Collection is completely made of the metal structure, so it will be easy for you to spot it from afar. The design of the whole site is amazingly designed with glasses, metal, and many more objects. Here players have to complete a weekly challenge by destroying.

You can find the location clearly on the map. Its visuals on the map of Fortnite are also clear. Once you get there, you simply need to destroy three Collector Cases. You can use your harvesting tools to make the task complete. Using normal tools can save your bullets and energy, which you can use to eliminate the opponents.

Once you destroy three Collector Cases at The Collection of the week 4 challenge, you can move on to other challenges on the map. The challenge at The Collection is unique and different from other challenges of the game. Unfortunately, you’ll not find any other challenge similar to this one. To get more challenges, you have to reach the other areas of the map, and there are no other challenges available close to The Collection. Week 4 has brought the challenges at The Authority and Shark Industries. Both of these locations are quite popular since the arrival of Season 4. “In Authority,” you have to eliminate some opponents and deal damage, while at the “Stark Industries,” you have to operate the Robots.

In the past week, the Wolverine challenge was released and it’s situated on the north side of The Collection. In the Wolverine challenge, players have to find the lost trophy of Wolverine. Players can find the Wolverine’s Trophy at the “Dirty Docks.” By completing all these tasks, players can earn an enormous amount of XP, which is valuable for the current season.

The rewards for destroying three Collectors at The Collection are 25,000 XP. It’s a huge reward for the players because players can earn a great amount of XP despite being a simple mission. However, Season 4 wants the players to play more challenges and complete every task, including the side missions.

By completing these tasks, players will earn XP that will help them to unlock the Silver, Gold, and Holo skins. These skins are one of the biggest rewards of Season 4, which is why players have to put some extra effort to get the following rewards. The current week included a total of 9 challenges, and by completing all these challenges, players can earn more than 200K XP just in a single week.


Experienced players who have been playing Fortnite for a long time are well aware of the game’s locations and weapons. However, Fortnite always manages to surprise their players by launching something new in the game. Apart from the weapons and skins, the locations on the map always change. Sometimes, Fortnite customizes the map in a Week to give something special to the players. Season 4 is packed with many hidden rewards that players can get by exploring every new location. Fortnite is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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