The Benefits of Being in an Online Community

The Benefits of Being in an Online Community

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely life. Sure, you may be surrounded by customers or employees, but you can't really discuss things like with other entrepreneurs.

Having an online community to discuss issues with is definitely one aspect of starting ecommerce business that you just can’t do without

There are lots of benefits belonging to your niche related forum. I have spoken on some benefits before, however I still want to quickly go over them again.

Similar interests

Knowing you belong to a group works great on the psyche of an individual. You develop a sense of belonging to a team and it reduces the chance of quitting due to discouragement.

Having a bad week? Complain about it with people who have been in the same situation - you'll find their motivation and help a real boost for your confidence.

Having trade areas for members

Sales and trade between members within the community are carried out within these trade areas. This is one feature that stands out. Your business can be hosted by them and lots of opportunities exist for your startup business

Most online communities allow members to promote relevant goods and services through the community and the communities most often also have their own affiliate programs tailored for their members. There are platforms created to give you commissions for every sale you facilitate.

Various networking

Good online communities do create working relations with advertisers and suppliers, who in turn patronize the forums in question. They allow publishers and retailers within the community to promote their products and services.

Members within a community tend to find support and guidance they need to assist them in their online sales and marketing journey.

Good forums do have good tools and products that are recommended for effective sales and marketing.

Good sales channel

All those involved in online sales and marketing will also want to sell their own products.

In some communities, they could for a token fee or for free be allowed to participate and advertise in threads about their brand or specific topics. They could also be given areas for banner adverts.

Jobs for members

Members within the community could earn more money from other members within the community by carrying out tasks that might be difficult for the member requesting for such services.

A very good example of this is paying a more experienced member to assist in designing components of your website. Banners and logos could also be contracted out for design. Some members could even go as far as contracting out article writing to others for guest blogging lists or the like, within their forum on related topics.

Personal coaching

On most good online communities, members are able to access the team behind the community and receive personal or business coaching for topics within their business niche or marketing.

They teach you to be better in your related topics and niche. These are found usually in life chats or quick response to various threads and conversations where you can get recent updates and step by step guide on challenges facing you.

Information sharing

For me the greatest asset of joining a community is getting information updates. Most often it is the recent updates or issues that are trending that are posted. You can avoid wasting time on methods and techniques that might be outdated by simply posting a question on it.

A good example is that of SEO or marketing opportunities. Together, you are more powerful than you are as individuals.

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Motivation with communities


Teaming up in ventures

The ability to assemble a team by participating within a focus group on related interests that is mutually beneficial to the team is always a great plus.

Work with other members with similar interests within a focus group to quickly make good money online!

Joining the pacesetters

Most good online communities are pacesetters in their various niches. They often approach advertisers with marketing strategies and assist in designing products that will best suited for their communities.

Such products are usually the very latest and tested to be efficient. By being a member of such communities, ample opportunities abound for members to quickly have access to such hot selling products and services easily.

Being mentored

This is another great benefit of being a member of any good online community. You give the opportunity to develop ties within the community with other more experienced business people and marketers and they get to become your mentors.

You should be able to access one of them at least daily on your updates and general conversations within the community.

One essential benefit I lacked for two years of experience with online sales and marketing online. This singular benefit was one of the reasons I struck to my guns in creating my own business and growing it.

All the best in finding the right online community for your needs!