Why You Should Consider Outsourcing to a Freelance Content Writer

Why You Should Consider Outsourcing to a Freelance Content Writer

We discuss why in 2021, many people are choosing freelance content writers over in-house marketing people.

Hiring an in-house content writer is often very tempting especially when you believe that you are in greater control both in terms of quality and quantity. However is it really so? You may think that there is a self interest involved when I say it is better to outsource your content writing needs to a freelance content writer rather than hiring an in-house content writer, however it actually makes sense. How, and why?

Drawbacks of hiring an in-house content writer

It is very simple. When you hire a content writer in-house, full-time, you are stuck with a particular person. When that person comes to your office he or she comes with all her qualities and drawbacks and you need to spend money in order to hire that person and then maintain that person.

When he or she comes to your office to work as a content writer you have to allocate office space and office resources to him or her. He or she will need a computer or a laptop and other office-related paraphernalia.

Additionally, no matter how that person performs you will have to pay him or her fixed amount by the end of every month. If it is an ongoing job you will also have to pay other benefits.

Benefits of outsourcing to a freelance content writer

A freelance content writer on the other hand gives you all the independence you need: financial as well as physical. From the basement of your house you can work with a global team of content writers without ever having to purchase extra hardware, buy new software licenses and build an infrastructure to support an extra employee/employees.

However this is easily understandable; what most clients don’t understand is the flexibility that you get when you outsource your content writing requirement to a freelance content writer or content writing service. Not happy with the writer? You can easily get a new content writer within a matter of a few hours, or even in a few minutes.

Since everything happens remotely you don’t need other office resources in order to make your freelance content writer work. A freelance content writer has his or her own computer or laptop, he or she works and operates from his or her own place and you don’t even have to pay employment benefits. Simply pay for the content you are getting.

It's not expensive

It may seem a bit expensive at the outset however actually it is not because you are not incurring all the additional costs that you have to incur when you employ somebody full-time.

The greatest advantage of hiring a freelance content writer is that you can immediately access a global talent pool from a single location. Native speakers aren’t necessarily good writers, although I’m not trying to generalize here.

What I mean to say is you can get excellent writers from other countries with a totally different flavor and abilities. This quality is absent if you hire a content writer locally.

Moreover, provided you have found a good freelance content writer for yourself, the time difference between different zones mostly works in your favour. If you’re in, say, America or Europe and if you hire a freelance content writer from an Asian country (you don’t necessarily have to do that, however since I am from India I’m mentioning this) by the time you start your day your content of the day will be with you.

Another advantage of working with a freelance content writer is you get lots of other qualities too. A freelance content writer manages his or her own business and this calls for many other skills and expertise. They know the article writing guidelines of various websites, the SEO ramifications and more.

For instance, since I get all my work through my website I have to make sure that I have good search engine rankings for all my relevant keywords and search expressions.