Customize Your iOS Devices With These Easy Hacks

Customize Your iOS Devices With These Easy Hacks
about 1 year ago

Apple has been spearheading the local markets with millions of phone models in the hands of the population going digital.

More or less, all the devices are the same with the same features and functions. But what good is customization when you can’t rightfully own the device?

Your phone has become a vital part of your life and you can employ several ways to make it reflect your personal style. In this post, you’ll discover some snazzy customization hacks to make your phone look more like you than just a plain old company phone.

1. Change The Wallpaper

Of all the highly visible features of your iOS device, wallpaper takes the lead over the others. Apple fans can reach out to the company and fan-made wallpapers via several sources. Or you may browse your personal albums and choose your favorite Essay Writer photo as your wallpaper.

You can take the customization even further if you want to choose the same wallpaper for the home screen and the lock screen as well.

2. Customize The Lock Screen

Customizing your lock screen gives you space to add some additional functionality to your phone. Before changing your lock screen’s wallpaper, make sure you proceed with care. It can be simple and complicated depending on the type you want, just as you want. You can install your themes from different platforms and apply them. If you prefer a custom theme, you can create your own!

3. Change The Icon Theme

When it comes to icons, some people may not like the usual block-ish icons laying on top of your beautiful wallpaper. If you’re up for some change, head straight to the theme section where you can customize your icons as you please. From seasonal to artsy icons, choosing your icons shouldn’t be a problem if only you get it done rightly.

4. Customize Controls

Some people get bored with the usual control center when all they want is something fun. However, Write My Essay serves as your most convenient option for personal tool usage. You can access the Control Center easily and conveniently. If you’re up for widget customization, you can edit, add/remove, and rearrange your existing options.

5. Design A Custom Case

When all the inside items are customized as per your requirements, it’s time to look for a phone case that not only makes your phone look good but also protects your phone from potential damage. You can purchase custom made iOS device covers or have them designed for yourself.