How To Use Date Of Birth Recovery Method To Recover Lost Google Account?

How To Use Date Of Birth Recovery Method To Recover Lost Google Account?

Google accounts are practically compatible with almost every device such as tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

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They are used to access innumerable Google services that help you do various things on the internet. However, when it comes to Android users, Google accounts are the most crucial accounts used to access even their smart devices. There is nothing wrong to say that account recovery methods availed by Google have always ensured users to get back their precious account.

But there are times when users fail to recover their account via using all the traditional recovery methods such as recovery email address or phone number or even security questions. Hence here comes the need for Google account recovery date of birth recovery method. However, this method is mostly used to verify the date of birth that you have put in into your account. If you have mentioned your age less than 13 years into your Google account, then it most likely to be blocked by Google itself. As the tech-giant considers the minimum age of 13 of its account users, it is important that you make sure of it. Otherwise, your account will be locked and you won’t be able to access your Google services such as YouTube or Gmail account.

Moreover, you can still recover it by going through the account recovery procedure as specified by Google. All you will need a Government-authorized ID mentioning your age and use it to verify your age on the Google account recovery page. Here’s how can you do this.

Steps To Recover Your Google Account Via Using Date OF Birth

Additionally, keep in mind; if you do not have your own personal ID at the time of account verification then you can use your parent’s ID or credit card to get your account verified temporarily. Follow the steps mentioned below and get your Google account working back on.

• In your web browser, navigate to the account recovery page of Google

• Enter the username or email address linked to your account into the respective field

• Click on the continue button and then you may find the account disabled message on your screen

• Follow the further on-screen instructions until you reach to the account verification page

• Submit the ID proof into the given field and then finish the account verification process.

Furthermore, it will take a couple of days that Google will get back to you with the account verification and then you should be able to access your account. If you are unable to comprehend the aforementioned information then you must contact technical support for your Google account recovery and get professional help.