Why Be Concerned about EMF?

Why Be Concerned about EMF?

What's all the fuss about EMF? Is it something I should be concerned about? Yes, it is! Find out more here.

Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) are in the news and there is indeed growing proof that exposure to this type of radiation can cause health problems. The human brain, blood, and breast are the most susceptible to sickness due to harmful EMF radiation. Early studies conclude that this is a real problem. So what to do? Contact us for an inspection of your home or work environment. Our visit includes an educational component in which we go over the latest studies and what levels of exposure are safe and harmful. Remediation solutions available as well.

We do EMF related testing and measurement in Kitchener, Waterloo, and across the country.

And there's good news too: Check out the special ...

Perhaps you're concerned about power lines or cell phone towers near your house. Perhaps you've heard about some homes having high levels of EMF radiation. How can you know? We've got good news. We can test your home or pre-purchase and give you the clear readings. High, medium, or low EMF.



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