Explore the Benefits of Breastfeeding

Explore the Benefits of Breastfeeding

From the time of being pregnant to successfully delivering the baby is the best. Nothing can ever replace that feeling of expecting a baby to finally have one.

From the time of being pregnant to successfully delivering the baby is the best. Nothing can ever replace that feeling of expecting a baby to finally have one. Children are the most happening and loveable creation of god but to sustain a healthy life post-delivery is definitely a task to handle. Post-delivery a woman has to look after herself along with her baby.

According to Dr. Elsa, a best gynecologist in dubai. It is never too early to plan how you are going to feed your baby at first. With the thought of serving the first diet to your baby the first thing that comes to mind is breastfeeding.

What is breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding also known as baby nursing is basically the process of how a mother feeds breast milk to the newborn from her breast. According to the reports, as breastfeeding is a personal matter there are several duos of child and mom who do not breastfeed but it is highly advised to breastfeed your child from the very starting because breast milk is very nutritious in nature and is helpful for both the baby and mother.

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Breastfeeding and breastmilk are believed to be the best for babies as it has all the nutritional components that are natural and healthy for the newborn. Breast Milk is considered the best form of food to give a healthy start.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?

The connection shared by the mother and newborn during the time of breastfeeding via skin-to-skin is priceless. A mother is always advised to breastfeed the newborn for at least 6 months varying to a year. Dr. Elsa’s female gynaecologist in dubai shares several benefits of breastfeeding that are mentioned below.

Breast milk forms up ideal nutrition: Breast milk is nature’s perfect food made for a newborn’s digestive system. It is rich in vitamins, protein, and fat that help grow a child and get easily digested. For the first days, the breasts produce a thick yellow fluid known as colostrum which is regarded as a wonder food.

Reduces disease risk: The very first feed of the breast milk known as colostrum is loaded with antibodies that act as a fighter to help reduce the risk of diseases in the child. It helps in reducing several disease risks like cold, allergic disease, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory tract infections, and childhood leukemia.

Helps in postpartum recovery: Breastfeeding helps a mother recover postpartum. As the baby latches and starts sucking the breast, it releases the ‘feel-good hormone that encourages the uterus to shrink back. It also helps in burning calories and helps lose weight.

Built-in bonding: For many mothers, the physical touch and emotional connection they form while feeding the newborn is very different and precious which cannot be denied.

Provides health benefits: Breastfeeding and breast milk help provide several health benefits. It helps grow your baby physically and mentally as it boosts the brain, acts as a safe treat, enhances the taste buds, and several others.