How To Store And Maintain Jewelry

How To Store And Maintain Jewelry
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When we dedicate ourselves to fashion jewellery wholesale, it is vital that we pay special attention to the storage and maintenance of jewelry.

How annoying is it to untangle one chain from another? We often complain about this and thousands of other things that happen to us for not giving the necessary treatment to jewelry. When we dedicate ourselves to fashion jewellery wholesale, it is vital that we pay special attention to the storage and maintenance of jewelry to preserve its condition.

Sometimes we think that jewelry can only be damaged by use, without realizing that it can also get ugly if we store it wrong.

Fashion jewelry can last a long time, keeping their same shine and initial texture. However, they are accessories that need proper care to keep them in an optimal state.

Today we bring you some tips that will avoid tangling the chains, scratching the surface of a piece, and above all, they will help you a lot to have your clothes for their preservation.


Do you have rings with flat and smooth surfaces, or with precious stones? Surely yes.

If mixed with each other, these types of rings tend to scratch and spoil if they are all in contact within a small space.

That's why we recommend that all your rings be kept in individual ring boxes, or place the rings in special displays for them. So you will see that they will always be perfect.

ring display

ring display


In stores, you can find transparent hermetic bags. They are perfect to put the earrings, each pair in their pocket, and keep them. You will avoid rubbing against other materials, and being transparent, you can quickly identify each model.


Believe it or not, the way we store our jewelry is essential. The best is to store the jewelry in individual bags or boxes to avoid that the different alloys of each piece can react and become damaged.

Besides, in this way, you can also avoid entanglement in the case of necklaces and earrings, and then when it comes to undoing the knot, the rings open or the threads fray.

Above all, it's about not giving them light and air, so they don't rust.


It is not only necessary that your jewelry is tidy, with its chains closed, the place where you are going to leave them is also important.

You do not know what can damage moisture to fashion jewelry, so we recommend placing your garments or boxes with jewelry in dry places, where the temperature changes are not sudden so that they remain stable.

Try not to put the parts in contact with liquids such as colognes, perfumes, or other products, as they could damage them.


A necklace, especially long enough, will be uncomfortable in a small box. Also, you run the risk of getting tangled up. A more convenient and elegant way to preserve necklaces is by placing them on unique necklace displays.

Some hooks can easily solve the problem, arrange them so that there are enough spaces between them. However, pay attention to the hook's choice - it should not be too small to ruin the rings of the necklace. Never pull on the necklaces.

necklace hanging display

necklace hanging display


Gold and silver are metals that can vary in color. And it is that its color and its brightness can be altered with oxygen despite its purity.

In this way, if your jewelry is well stored and cared for, the need to clean them will be less, and they will remain better over time.


To avoid loss and fall of stones, avoid any blow.


Be especially careful not to handle the garments if you have wet hands. This is one of the leading causes of the deterioration of this type of clothing. Dry your hands thoroughly before taking any of your fashion jewelry.

We all love accessories, and we always want them to last a very long time. But to achieve this, it would be convenient for you to know each material's characteristics and care to provide it with the appropriate care.

We hope we have helped you with these tricks for the maintenance and storage of your clothes. And there is nothing better than having your perfect jewelry and more when it comes to fashion jewellery wholesale, right?