How to Maintain the Leather Work Boots (Step Step by Step)

How to Maintain the Leather Work Boots (Step Step by Step)

Leather boots aren't cheap, and even the most expensive boots aren't made of leather. Your shoes must be pushed to the limit when working in mud, water, rocks.

It's a bright, sunny Monday morning, and you're all ready to head to work and then realize that your work boots made of leather have been ruined and worn.

It's inevitable that you are angry and begin to slam yourself for purchasing an extravagant pair. What lesson should be learned from this? You must maintain your beautiful leather boots!

It's suggested that you begin taking proper care of leather footwear as soon as you have the purchase through cleaning and conditioning and waterproofing your new pair. With a bit of care, you can boost the life of your boots by nearly an entire year!

Are you not sure what to do next with these steps? Don't fret. Go through the article until the end, and then educate yourself to take good treatment of the leather boot.

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How to take care of new pairs of Leather Work Boots

Maintaining a pair of new leather boots isn't like old ones. In reality, you must take two essential actions when you buy the boots. What do they mean? Let's eat them!

1. Breaking up the pair

Before you wear your new leather shoes at work, you can take them out to your home for a few days or an entire week.

Remember that some boots are more difficult to get used to than others. Therefore, make sure you wear your boots for several hours.

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The first time you wear your new leather work boots straight to work could cause blisters and sore feet, which can ultimately hamper your performance.

So, ensure that both your feet and your boots are accustomed to one another. It is also recommended to apply a conditioner at intervals during the day to ensure smooth operation and less hassle.

2. Clean the pair of new shoes

Your new boots are clean and fresh, but I'd recommend you remove dust particles that may be clinging to the crevices and corners.

You have to mix the pieces using a nylon brush and water-based cleaner until the seams are clean and the dirt is gone.

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3. Make your new pair of shoes waterproof

The waterproofing of the leather of your boots is crucial for extending their lifespan. It can be accomplished in a matter of a few easy steps.

  • Soak your boots in water and then apply a waterproofing agent to them, ensuring an equal amount of water penetration without leaving a streak of white or spot.
  • It is then time to clean off any excess substance within 3-5 minutes, and then let dry naturally.
  • Last but not least, stroke the pair lightly to bring back its original colour.
  • Also, remember to put the newspaper into your boots when drying them to avoid the possibility of shrinkage.

How do you take care of your worn-out pair of Leather Work Boots?

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Take care of your worn-out pair of Leather Work Boots

How comfortable are your old leather boots? Aren't they? They're certainly worth it to keep them for a little longer. In regards to older boots, cleaning off any dirt build-up and wax that has accumulated from constant use is essential.

Begin by removing the laces, then wash them in separate batches using water and soap until the caked-in soil, mud, and rocks fall off.

There are various cleaning products available on the market, which come in aerosol bottles to wash the boots well. Spray the gel over the shoes and let them rest for about an hour, after which you can rub the area with a soft or rag. You're finished!

If you aren't sure about the spray bottles, you can create your cleaning solutions by mixing equal quantities of vinegar and water. It is also possible to use general-purpose saddle soaps to shine your boots.

Conditioning the Boots

Dirt is not always an obstacle to working boots made of leather. Most of the time, the interweave that is fibrous in your boots shows cracks due to the loss of moisture.

Unfortunately, when this happens, there is no way to stop it. So, you can protect your leather by making sure it is flexible and impervious to humidity and well-conditioned.

How to Maintain the Leather Work Boots (Step Step by Step)

Conditioning The Boots

What are the materials to be used for conditioning?

  • A piece of old fabric to make boots
  • Good conditioner for leather
  • Small applicator brush

The steps to be followed when conditioning

  • Make sure you use a dry rag and provide your shoes with a short clean to clean any dirt particles in your boots.
  • Use the applicator brush to by using it, apply the balm or conditioner to a small area to determine the effect that the item has.
  • After you're happy with the results, apply the conditioner in circular motions, covering all the wrinkles.
  • If your boots are dry, If your shoes aren't dry enough, repeat the process 2-3 times, and allow them to dry for 20 minutes.
  • After 12 hours, rub them dry with a cloth, and you're at peace.
  • I'd recommend keeping your boots hydrated once a month to get better results.

Waterproof the leather Boots

The waterproofing process is completed after the prep work has been completed. Hermetic agents that are water-based are usually sold in plastic or tin containers and spray bottles.

However, most leather boots are waterproof. If you take extra precautions, apply a wax-based polish following conditioning.

After taking all the precautions, your boots are wet, and then you can let them dry at the room's temperature.

Why is it important to care for Leather Boots?

A sturdy set of boots for your job is challenging to come across, and the level of difficulty is higher when you're looking for the ones made of leather. They are certainly just as tough as the work you do and can withstand any wear that you put them through.

That's why it is important to ensure the proper care of your work boots made of leather so that they will assist you to be more efficient at your job. Inadequate boot maintenance and over oiling are the two most frequent causes that can cause cracks, stains and wrap.

Final thoughts

Boots made of leather aren't cheap, and even the most expensive boots aren't made of leather. Like you, your shoes must be pushed to the limit when working through mud, water, snow, salt or even rocks.

If you treat your boots as an infant by maintaining them in good condition, they are not just a source of peace of mind but also serve you longer. Try to keep your leather work boots in good condition to the max. For now, stand tall and be careful!

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