What is a Service Writer?

What is a Service Writer?

A service writer is someone, who serves as an intermediary between the business and its clients

Their job role revolves around tasks like carrying out cost approximations for transactions. They into account the customer’s requirements and facilitate the dealing between them and the businesses. A service writer is almost like a customer service representative, whose job is to manage products and ensure their timely delivery. The list of their duties includes: assigning jobs to the mechanics, gathering customer information, and cataloging the bills.

The occupation does not require any specific degree or academic qualification. Most of the time, a high school diploma and relevant work experience are enough to secure a job position. But a strong degree gives you an upper hand amongst other applicants. The required skill set includes excellent communication skills and an understanding of book-keeping and know-how of computer programs like MS Office.

One of the many industrial companies that hire service writers is the automotive industry. To become a suitable candidate for these industries, you can enroll yourself in technical training programs. These programs help you equip yourself with the basics of automobile repair. It helps you enhance your product knowledge and lets you gain expertise in a particular domain. It is extremely beneficial if you can acquire knowledge related to the field before getting employed.

However, you need to understand that every company looks for a candidate, who is equipped with relevant skills and experience. It is because the job of a service writer is complicated as well as sensitive. They represent the company while dealing with the customers, which means the goodwill of the company gets on the line. Similarly, they are responsible for making sure the customer is satisfied with timely services. It is important and if not handled carefully can cause great consequences for the company as some customers might go on to take strict measures like suing the company. On the other side, a competent Service Writer can significantly develop the company’s dealership with its customers and boost the profitability ratios.

To become a gem for a company, a service writer MUST learn to interact with people in a polite and friendly manner. As these writers have to deal with the customers, they need to tone down their communication style. As a service writer, you would have to converse with clients regularly while booking orders and calculating cost estimates with the suppliers. Hence, any miscommunication or discourteous behavior would instantly drive the customers away and making the company incur losses. Moreover, a service writer may also have to deal with and cater to customer complaints, which involves incorporating a bit of diplomacy. This is why a service writer should not be easily irritated or too shy to handle difficult situations. The companies often look for individuals, who are chatty and take great pleasure in conversing with people. If you fall into this category, then feel free to apply for the position. If not, you can easily apply for a ghostwriter for hire and other such positions.

Similarly, every service writer must have the ability to take accurate notes and do basic calculations with ease. They will have to deal with a lot of writing as well as math. If you think it is difficult for you to construct comprehensible sentences or make calculations, then this job is not for you. Someone, who does not have a knack for these will be prone to error, which is unacceptable for the businesses. It is because the service writer would not merely be expected to chat with customers but he/she has to place orders for the inventory and send invoices. Any mistake in these two takes could very well prove to be costly for the company.

All service writers should have the capability to think on their feet. Remember that it is not a desk job, and service writers are expected to move around the premises. They have to make sure the parts reach on time, customers stay firm on their commitments, and the mechanics are available on their allocated time frames. All this requires them to keep moving and keep in touch with their customers and suppliers to ensure everything works as per schedule. Now the ability to think quickly can aid a service writer to resolve an unexpected problem within minutes. It is a skill that is acquired over time and requires a sharp mind. The problem will have to be analyzed as quickly as possible to find a solution to make sure the customers do not end up being disappointed.

Last but not the least, a service writer must have an open mind and be a great listener. You cannot help your customers effectively without listening to their problems. Make sure to always listen to their concerns calmly and try to find a middle ground for the problem. Also, it is important to note down the inquiries properly to minimize the chances of making errors. In the same way, you must listen and understand your suppliers. Make you coordinate with them as effectively as possible and build corporate relationships with them, which come in handy during the worst days.