Would You Like to Build a Thriving Organizational Structure for Your Business?

Would You Like to Build a Thriving Organizational Structure for Your Business?

During this difficult business climate it's even more important to build and maintain a thriving organizational culture. Here are some tips to help you

Did you know more people leave a company because of a dysfunctional workplace than because they are dissatisfied with the pay?

How to Build a Thriving Organization

Whether you have 2 employees, employ contractors or a mid-large size corporation, these tips apply

  1. Build the right kind of team.   Align the job with the right person that fits into the business culture you are trying to build
  2. When on-boarding new team members, make sure they feel welcomed, have a conversation with all the department managers and the CEO.  The whole first week should be about on-boarding.   Don't sit them at their desk or give them a whole bunch of tasks without going through the on-boarding process
  3. Have a feedback session at the end of the on-boarding process to find out what they learned, what they don't understand.
  4. Follow up on the feedback session to help them fit into your organization
  5. Make sure your team are all on the same page with the Company objectives and understand their individual roles in achieving the Company goals
  6. Schedule regular team meetings with an agenda and NO distractions.  Have a no cell phone rule in these meetings
  7. Since most meetings are now on Zoom or video technology, make sure the video cameras are ON so you can take the temperature of the meeting and that everyone is engaged.  You can learn a lot about body language
  8. Since most team members can't meet personally right now, think of fun ways to engage your team while they are working from home
  9. Think about involving the families of your team members such as a paint night, cooking demo, live entertainment, games night.
  10. And above all LISTEN.  You will learn a lot by listening to your teams ideas.   The more open you are, the more your team will be open to sharing their thoughts on how improve your Company.

Want to learn more from an expert?

Listen to this podcast from Kerry Wekelo whose company, Actualize Consulting, has been named Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine, a Top Workplace by The Washington Post .

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Creating a Thriving Organizational Culture

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