The Power Of 7 For Marketing Traction

The Power Of 7 For Marketing Traction

Marketing traction depends on the number of touches it takes before you can convert a person who is "interested" to a customer who wants to buy from you.

There is a lot of competition for our time and attention, and we are bombarded by messages all the time. As a business, you can see why just one message in one channel is not going to do much to gain new customers.  So what are the 7 touches you need to consider?

Interaction On Social Channels

Social channels are just that, "social".  A one time post, pushed at your prospective customers will not do much for your brand.  Increasingly your potential customers want to know that you care about their needs, concerns, likes and dislikes.

Do you really "care" about your newbie prospects?  If you do, make sure when they pose a question on your social media channels, that you answer it.  It goes a great way to create a great impression for people interacting with you for the first time and an even better impression on those that already started to think about your company and products but haven't purchased yet.

Leverage SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps your Company to get on the first page of Google for your niche.

Google has many factors that it uses to decide how to rank your company.  One of the most popular tools that can help you with your SEO is a Wordpress plugin called Yoast SEO.  This plugin has a free and premium version.  Without a doubt this is the best tool out there for leveraging your SEO, it helps you with keyword optimization, a readability check, meta description.  It doesn’t matter whether you know about robots.txt, .htaccess files, clean permalink URLs or sitemaps – Yoast SEO makes sure your technical configuration rolls out the red carpet for search engines and is always up to date with the latest Google algorithms.

Use Paid Ads

Before you spend a great deal of money on paid ads, you need to target keywords and also know who the target audience is for your products.  You can use a tools like Google adwords or Neil Patel's tool,  Uber Suggest to find out which keywords rank the best.  If you are using facebook ads, here are some great tips in our podcast.

Tammy Hudgin - Facebook Ad Expert via SoundCloud

Keep Your Content Current

If you have been creating content for a long time, it is easy to go back through your old content, check the links are still valid and update the information by adding new content or linking out to more relevant material.  It's always a good idea to check you have media in your posts and ensure that your media has a description that includes your keywords.

Share, Share, Share Your Content

Remember the rule of 7?  Each post or content needs to be shared at least 7 times per channel at different times of the day/week.  It is easy to create a monthly schedule for your social sharing with tools such Hootsuite or Buffer.

This platform, Klusster is a great tool for sharing your content in multiple Klussters, communities of like minded people who will help you share your content.

If you are a female entrepreneur.  Check out our brand new Klusster, Fabulous Fempreneurs.

Use A Call To Action To Encourage E-mail Signups

This call to action on your website could be something as simple as a Hello Bar to get prospects on your email list or something with a little more value.  This could be in the form of an e-book or a check list than your prospects download for free.

Use Traditional Marketing Methods

Don't depend solely on social media tools to help you create awareness for your business and products.  Here are some other ways to get your message out there.

  • Selective Trade Shows
  • Specific Networking Opportunities
  • Creating a hardcover book to show your domain expertise
  • Print Advertising (it's not completely dead!)

The power of 7 is in your hands!  Marketing traction can be yours if you use these 7 tips and share your content 7 times on each of the channels that speak to your audience.  For more marketing tips, hop on over to our blog.