11 Essential Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

11 Essential Marketing Hacks for Entrepreneurs

These marketing hacks will save you so much time and money you will wonder what you did without them. And as a bonus, many of these essential hacks are FREE!

Our Top 11 Essential Marketing Hacks

Canva – Graphic Software

Whatever we are doing in our marketing campaigns, graphics are number one. The best tool for designing graphics for your social media campaigns, advertising and blog posts is Canva.

There is a free version and a business (paid version). Using the pre-determined templates in Canva you can design a graphic that is ideal for your marketing use. This includes, business cards, facebook covers, twitter covers, Instagram posts, sell sheets and so much more. You can upload your own pictures or for $1.00 you can purchase a photo from the Canva image library. This is easy to use software. Once you have tried it you will be hooked!

Design Wizard - Graphic Software

Similar to Canva, its pro version has lots of features for just  $7.41 a month such as 720 Image Credits, Upload Images, Upload Fonts, Customer Support, Resize Image Designs, Lifetime licence, Reseller Rights, Personal Colour Palette and Publish Direct To Social Media.

Lumen5 – Video Software

If you don’t have a budget for professionally produced videos, why not try Lumen5? This software also has a free and paid version. Why do we like it? You can take text from your existing blogs and turn them into a compelling video, or you can just add new content headlines. You can choose music to go with your video and the overall effect is professional and amazing. Once your video is ready and downloaded to your hard drive, you can broadcast it on your website, youtube, twitter or IGTV (Instagram).

MailChimp - Email Service

Mailchimp has been around for a long time, and it has evolved now so that it can be your automated funnel without using expensive options such as Infusionsoft. If you have a Wordpress website, you can link your mailchimp list to a popup on your homepage and then automatically send your new fans your free digital gift such as an ebook, without you having to do anything. You can also add a followup email in the automated funnel, after the digital book has been sent.

Designrr - ebook software

Create a beautiful workbook, ebook, checklist without writing a word! Using material from a Word document or your blog, you can create professional looking pdf’s in a matter of minutes as this software formats everything for you.

Fiverr - freelancer site

Looking for specific help in your marketing? Maybe you want a new logo, a professional voice actor, podcast or video editing, video ads or explainer videos? You name it in the world of marketing and a freelancer could be your answer. We suggest before you purchase you looking at the star rating of the seller and read the recommendations before you hire. You can always send the seller a quick e-mail first to outline your project and ask for a quote before you purchase.

Promo Republic - Social Media Content Creation and Scheduling

This is relatively new software to the market but one we can’t do without. It suggests posts, offers content, graphics and so much more. Everything is editable enabling you to add your own branding. You can add multiple accounts and schedule posts for each account. In just a short time you can schedule a week’s worth of social media postings while sitting at home in your PJs at midnight or at 5 am! It doesn’t matter when you create your postings with this amazing scheduling tool. It’s like having a cross between Canva and Hoote Suite. If you are creating social media posts as part of your business service, this is a definite 5* ‘must have’ tool.

Zoom – Video/Podcasting and Webinar platform

The free version is great for video and podcasting, especially when interviewing one guest. With the scheduling tool you can set up your zoom calls in advance and email the link to the guests.

You can use Zoom for online meetings, too. The record button helps here because if anyone misses the meeting you can send the recording to keep them in the loop of the discussion. Zoom automatically puts the recording in its own file on your computer once you leave the meeting.

Some people also like to use the recording button to record their own dictation and then use voice recognition software to translate into the written word. This is a great way to “write” a book without all the tedious typing. You do have to edit the finished result, but if writing a book is a daunting task, try recording instead.

DropBox – Large file depositary

Sometimes you want to share large files such as graphics or documents with multiple people. With dropbox you can drop your files into this depositary and share the dropbox with the people who need the files.

Asana – Project Tool

If you have a ton of marketing projects to do and are working with multiple collaborators, Asana is free software that makes the assignment of different tasks among your team a breeze. No more e-mailing back and forth between each other.

Doodle – Meeting scheduling

When you are working with multiple people on a marketing project and need to have a meeting, Doodle can be your absolute best friend. You schedule the available dates and times for the meeting and send out to all the participants. They fill in their availability and you can determine the final date/time that fits the majority of the participants.

Klusster – Community Content Aggregation Tool

One of the most essential marketing tools is adding fresh content to your website. But once you have written your blog posts, the distribution of the content takes a lot of work. There are so many places to share the content, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but what if you can build a community of like minded people who will share each other’s content in Klussters. Because Klussters are real communities of people who have valuable knowledge to share, and are good neighbours. After all we believe in this new Klusster concept so much that we have written this article on Klusster! Why not add your content on Klusster and see how much attention it gets, and think about how you could start your own Klusster as an additional marketing tool.

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