9 Leadership Tips

9 Leadership Tips

Successful leaders can create a successful business if they follow the 9 principles of leadership.

We recently interviewed Stephen D'Angelo, successful businessman and author of "A Single Day of Peace" on what it takes to be a leader.  As an advisor to businesses in the tech sector for over 30 years, Stephen gave us a list of 9 traits that help leaders, lead.

#1 Winning

A leader must believe the business can win, but winning is partly dependent on the other eith principles of leadership.

#2 accountability

Leaders must be accountable for their actions.  Since your team will hold you accountable and you will instill accountability in them, it's a two way street. Both groups need to be totally accountable

#3 transparency

Things don't run smoothly in a business all the time.  There are many bumps in the road.  Acknowledge the bumps and be transparent if you don't have all the answers.  Brainstorming with your team to come up with creative solutions will make for a stronger business.

#4 continuous learning

Learning comes in different forms and shapes for all of us.  From YouTube, to books, courses and learning from each other.  If you are stuck, learning from a coach or mentor can be invaluable.   Don't be afraid to reach out

#5 process and metrics

If your business has effective and efficient processes (think Amazon) then you will delight your customers and you can measure your results.  The metrics are powerful for customer retention and improvement.

Equally important are processes for each of your job functions.  If an employee understands what is expected and feel supported, then you will get the maximum output.

#6 customer and market driven

Nothing provides repeat business like customer satisfaction.  If you are focused on your customers repeat business is almost guaranteed.   They will stick with you even in times where you might have supply chain or capacity issues if you are transparent and accountable.

#7 Leverage diversity

If you only hire people like you, your company will be one dimensional.  Diversity in gender and age is important to the growth of your business.  You need the diversity of thought and opinion.  Are you open to diversity?

#8 caring and recognition of people

Does your business leadership create a caring work environment and recognition of their efforts?  From the bottom to the top, your business culture must set a standard that cares for its employees right from the first day of hire to retirement.

#9 having fun

You and your staff spend at least 8 hours a day with each other, so make it fun and an enjoyable place to work.

For more great leadership advice from Stephen D'Angelo, listen to the full interview on our Fabulous Fempreneurship podcast.