Get Fast and Accurate Text to Text Transcription ServEnter content title here...

Get Fast and Accurate Text to Text Transcription ServEnter content title here...

Quality and Best Text to Text Transcription Services at Cheap rate

A text to text transcription is a special transcription. It refers to re-writing something that is already in a written format. It may be rewriting of books, historical manuscripts, faxes, handwritten notes, and computer texts in special formats. The possibility is endless. From a scribbled letter to a whole book, Text Transcription services provides an easy and feasible way to get your documents digitalized that too in a format that you prefer.

What is a text to text transcription service?

Text to text transcription services is an online service that provides handwriting transcription services . You upload your text files (in forms of photos, or PDF, or any other format you can imagine) and the online company will provide the transcription for you. Your uploaded files might be something that has been typed (faxes), or something is written immaculately (historical manuscripts), or something that has just been scribbled carelessly in a paper (ideas or poems) an online transcription service will send the document to appropriate, experienced, and professional transcriptionist and they will be recording each of your pen flicks and printing ticks in proper and immaculate fashion.

Online Text to text transcription service has numerous benefits. Let us iterate a few of them:

1. Accuracy: Machine learning has enabled shorthand to be understandable. Say if you “clearly” write some numbers and you present it to the machine it can undoubtedly delineate the numbers that you have scribbled. However, the problem for the machine starts arising when long and winded texts are provided in shorthand. The machine makes numerous mistakes. For instance, the number ‘9’ might be mistaken for ‘4’ or ‘7’ for ‘1’. Similarly, ‘0’ might be taken as ‘o’ and vice versa. Scribbled vowels present extra problems.

This problem doesn’t exist when a human transcriber will be working on your projects. It ensures optimum quality. Also, all of the transcribed documents are proofread so no error can creep in.

2. For all walks of life: Imagine an individual transcriptionist that can transcribe all works that you present to it. Medical, legal, financials, academic, or any other subjects. Such an individual might not exist but an online transcription service is an embodiment of just that. Whether your text is medical or legal an online textual transcription hands your transcriptions to professionals ensuring every letter is written to a tee.

3. Formats: PDF to the word no problem. Faxes to excel sheets no problem there as well. A textual transcription service is a reliable way of changing any of your written, and/or scribbled files into any format of your choice. This increases the shareability, transmissibility, and edit-ability of your content.

4. The correct way to do it: Online services not only ensure quality but also provide a guarantee on confidentiality, excellent text transcription rates, and quick turnovers. A student might benefit from text to text transcription service by the virtue of it being the easiest way of not taking. A poet, a songwriter, and a teller of stories might find their use of text to text transcriptions. A scientist and entrepreneur might use this to textualize their diary of ideas. Online text transcription services are the correct way to transcribe.