Nothing beats the quality of custom perfume boxes

Nothing beats the quality of custom perfume boxes

Breathe a new life into your perfume packaging with ClipnBox custom perfume boxes. These stunning custom boxes for perfumes can be ordered at reasonable prices

I can finally say that cardboard-based custom perfume boxes are far superior to other custom boxes. For a week now, I have been searching for gifts for my sister and brother-in-law for their fifth wedding anniversary. I have been to gift stores, specialty stores, candle stores, and countless retail. I visited many malls and held many products in my hand. The first thing that I noticed when I held any product in my hand was its custom packaging. There were quite a few products that I have looked into, which were packaged in the custom boxes. These included;

  • Custom perfume boxes
    Custom jewelry boxes
    Custom tie boxes
    Custom lotion boxes and much more.

I finalized a beautiful perfume box that had a collection of men’s and women’s perfume in custom rigid packaging. It was difficult to select just one gift box from a wide selection of stunning custom rigid boxes. These boxes offer a unique ‘unboxing’ experience, which I knew would make my sister and brother-in-law really happy. The box I selected was layered on the outside with a beautiful high-quality paper in metallic gold and purple shade. The box was divided into two section with the help of internal separators, where perfumes were placed. The interior sections were lined with foam to provide maximum security to the glass bottles of the perfumes. Purple suede lined the inner flaps of the box to give a premium and luxurious feel to this custom rigid packaging.

My sister and brother-in-law who are very active on various social media platforms as influencers were so excited to see the box that they recorded the entire unboxing experience through a live video. This video was viewed by hundreds of their viewers across the globe. Not just them but all their viewers loved the custom rigid perfume packaging. It was evident by the lovely comments they left on the post.

Though I did not opt for individual gifts I still am in love with the trending custom jewelry boxes some brands are now offering for their products. To be honest, I loved them so much that I actually bought myself a beautiful ring that came in a tiny heart shaped box, which I can carry around wherever I go. The size of the box is just perfect and fits all my bags. I don’t have to worry about rummaging through my handbag after my gym session as I know that I have kept my ring in the custom jewelry packaging that came with it.

There are countless benefits to getting custom jewelry boxes. The best one of them is that one can easily store the items they bought in these boxes without worrying about moisture and scratches that can mar their looks. Custom jewelry packaging boxes prevents these items from getting lost and provide customers with the best option for storing in between use. I use the same custom jewelry packaging for storing my studs as well, which I often misplace. Now the rings and studs I wear in my ears have a perfect home, to keep them safe.

The packaging industry that once depended on plastic packaging is swiftly switching to cardboard-based custom boxes. There are various reasons to select this packaging type. Firstly, they are easy to customize using offset printing options. Also, they are sturdy, cost-effective and can be ordered in versatile shapes and sizes according to the product requirement. The perfume brands select unique shapes in custom boxes that go with the themes and fragrances of their perfumes. The perfume boxes are crafted from sturdy cardboard stocks that are printed with classy offset techniques to make them impressive, they are further added with finishes like hot foil stamping and embossing etc. to make them attention-grabbing for the target audiences. This makes the custom perfume boxes bewitching, which lures the customers to try out their fragrances. It is the custom perfume packaging which entices the customers long before they do its fragrance test.