Life lessons on gratitude, challenge, and feelings.

We are not OWED another day. No matter how HARD we TRY, things can take a DIFFERENT TURN than we expected. Ultimately, it's about HOW we FEEL in life.

Life lessons on gratitude, challenge, and feelings.

Last year, my 13-year old daughter taught me a few lessons on life. How?

She decided to raise three baby chicks in order to get her own fresh organic eggs. At first, I was quite bewildered by the idea but at the same time, I felt really energized.

A multitude of questions floated through my mind:

How can we do this in our backyard?
Will they stink?
How do we manage to take care of them?

Little did I know how this experience would teach me lessons on life.

The long story short, by end of August, we got three adorable two-day old heritage chicks! Catching them at the farm looked like a promotional scene from America’s funniest home videos.

My daughter, her friend, and the farmer’s young kids were running around with the butterfly nets while the chicks were scurrying around.

Life lessons

Tiki, Quin & Taiga joined our family, and if there were a cuteness factor assigned to them, it would be a 10 out of 10.

Although I grew up as a true city girl, I cannot count the number of unforgettable moments my daughter and I spent playing with our chicks, watching them fight over insects, huddle together endlessly, or run like mad out of their little house when we suspended a head of lettuce on a string (they must have assumed it was an alien!)

A few months later, one morning, out of nowhere, we found Quin very ill. It was beyond touching to see the other two birds not leaving Quin’s side.

We transferred our chicks to a nearby organic farm and learned that Quin couldn’t be saved, while Tiki and Taiga joined the farmer’s flock. We felt they needed a big family.

I honestly never thought I would cry over a chicken. But I did. Quin was my favourite. And here came the life lessons...continue reading here.

Life lessons, gratitude, trying hard, how we feel

With gratitude and love, Edita

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