Boost Your Athletic Performance with the Help of Custom Orthotics Burlington

Boost Your Athletic Performance with the Help of Custom Orthotics Burlington

The use of orthotic devices for performance enhancement is a great option for athletes as it enhances biochemical functioning while running and other activities

Orthotics is a tool that can assist you to align your body and function better. Your foot is the base of your body, therefore, if your foot is aligned the rest of the body structure is too. An orthotic may be soft and elastic or it may also be rigid and stiff. The most suitable kind depends on the kind of symptoms you have and the issues you are facing at the moment.

It is not advised to ignore foot pain as it can lead to complications that may affect the overall functioning of your body; including knees, hips, or back. Visiting a specialist such as a chiropractor would be the best thing if you are suspecting the something is not right with your feet. The chiropractor will do an assessment and may suggest that you wear orthotics Burlington.

Why Do Athletes Need Custom Orthotics?

In order to appreciate why athletes (such as sprinters) require orthotics more than others, a basic understanding of biomechanics is necessary. Feet undergo a complicated series of movements to facilitate a forward moment. The most significant function of the foot is to assist the body to absorb shock, the moment it hits the floor. While running, every time you strike the floor, your lower legs experience a force, which is equivalent to 1.5 to 3 times your body weight.

How Can Custom Orthotics Burlington Treat Foot Pain?

Orthotics can help:

  • Decrease pain
  • Give proper arch support
  • Avoid the development of foot deformity
  • Give better position to the foot, hips, and knees
  • Enhance the general biomechanical functioning of body

Custom orthotics enables the muscles, bones, and tendons of the foot and legs to function at its highest potential. If suitably fabricated, orthotics may reduce pain, not just of the foot, but also the knees, hips and back. In addition, custom orthotics may decrease fatigue and support competent muscle function. Orthotics enhances the stability in unstable joints and help to avoid early foot defects from worsening.

Need orthotics? Contact specialists for orthotics in Burlington today

If you are in need of orthotics in Burlington, then your podiatrist or chiropractor can create a custom mold of your feet. It is imperative to get the perfect fit for your feet. Once the mold is prepared, an expert will turn it into soft or rigid orthotics. It is also possible to have custom sport specific orthotics for sporting equipment like ice skates and ski boots.

Are you still worried? Do not be! If you have any foot related problem, all you need is to find a specialist who can do a proper assessment and make a pair of custom pair of orthotics Burlington.