Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ

 Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ

1. At what age is my child ready for music lessons?

Most children start one-on-one music lessons between the ages of 6 and 8. However, we accept students as young as 3. With very young students, it is important that the parents understand that they will be playing an integral role in their child’s progress. Since most 3-4 year olds have a difficult time staying focused, it will be up to the parent(s) to make sure their child stays on task during at-home practice sessions.

The key elements to a successful start are:

- Staying focused for the duration of a 30 minute lesson.

- Willingness to commit to a regular practice routine.

- Interest and excitement at the prospect of learning to play music.

 Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ

2. I am an adult who has never learned music, is it too late to start?

It is never too late to start! Adults already possess many important skills that young beginners are still developing: patience, attention to detail and discipline. Ultimately, as long as you have the drive to learn how to play your instrument of choice, and you are able to practice regularly, you will be successful.

 Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ

3.  What is covered during the duration of a piano lesson?

In addition to working on specific songs, the following concepts are incorporated into lessons for students of all levels:

• Sight reading

• Ear Training

• Technique

• Improvisation

• Theory

• History

4. What kind of music will I learn to play?

A: Once you have developed some basic skills on your instrument, you can choose the style of music that you want to focus on.

5. How long will it be before I can play well?

Everyone has musical ability; however your progress will depend on the quality of your home practice. Establishing a regular practice routine is important from the beginning. Short, daily practice sessions are more beneficial than longer, sporadic practice sessions.

6. How long is each lesson and how often?

For beginner students, lessons are 30 minutes in length. For intermediate and advanced students, a 45-min or 1 hr session is recommended. Lessons take place once a week, although some students come in for 2 lessons per week.

7. Do you teach beginners?

Absolutely! No musical background is necessary to begin lessons.

8. Do I need my own instrument?

Yes. It is essential that you are able to practice regularly at home in order to make progress.  If you do not own an instrument, contact us and we will gladly assist you with renting/purchasing one.

9. I have no musical background, how can I help my child with his/her progress?

If you have no musical background, we recommend that you sit in on the lessons with your child. This will not only help you learn the same musical concepts your child is studying, but seeing the teacher work with your child will give you the understanding of how to help your child practice at home. This is particularly important with very young students who are still developing the necessary discipline skills required to get through a practice session.

10. Do you have performance opportunities for students?

Yes!  We hold 2 recitals per year.  Although participation is voluntary, we encourage all students to participate.  In addition, students also have the option to play in festivals, competitions and other smaller performances throughout the year.

 Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ  Music Lessons: Top 10 FAQ