Top tips to help you plan a budget wedding

 Top tips to help you plan a budget wedding

If you are afraid that cutting down on the list might make you appear frugal, then here are some advantages of the same.

Can the expressions budget and wedding be used in the same phrase without calling for a raucous laughter? Well, we are here to help you to save a fortune for yourself and plan a wonderful wedding. A lavish wedding after all, is not the only route to a memorable celebration.

Trim down the guest list

With every entry on the invitation list, your budget goes up significantly. Now that doesn’t come just out of the catering cost, but from the accommodation, transportation and favors for each of the guests.

Don’t feel obligated to invite friends from volunteering group or relatives distant from first cousin or someone who you haven’t spoken to in years.

If you are afraid that cutting down on the list might make you appear frugal, then here are some advantages of the same. Firstly, it will make the wedding a more personal affair and your guests would rather feel at home and not find themselves lost in a sea of people.

Secondly, fewer guests give you the liberty of splurging on them more. With lesser number to entertain, you can expand your accompaniments and menu. Thirdly, it leaves you with a wider number of Wedding Planners in Delhi  to choose from and not go for a traditional high capacity marriage or banquet halls. A smaller venue could indirectly trim costs for you as well.

Pool friends and family

A pitch-in-party is simply the best idea for making your closed ones feel a special part of your wedding while helping you save money on renting out services. Get the help of your friends in invitations and decorations or for assembling centerpieces. Throw in a small party with snacks and great music. Does that sound like fun and savings at the same time?

Use online shopping portals

There are great deals on Ebay and other shopping sites on wedding dresses and other accessories. Also, renting a wedding dress could save thousands, which you can spend elsewhere.

Look for only trusted sellers and keep ample time for auctions to end, if you are using online auctions. At the same time, you can build a wedding registry and list items that you need for or after the wedding.

Choose “the day and date” wisely

Instead of getting married at the peak of the wedding season, choose a date when there isn’t a huge traffic and vendors aren’t charging ten times their regular prices. There is less demand for wedding venues and other services on weekdays and Sundays.

Ask for Help

Can you think of friends or people in your family you know who are great at planning an event? You can even ask a musician friend to play at your wedding or others to help with wedding shopping, trousseau planning, gift wrapping and other tasks. These people will be honored in being a special part of your celebration.

Save on Invitations

There is no need for fancy cards and even fancier envelopes. E-wedding cards are becoming highly popular and you can even design your own cards and get them printed, saving significant bucks. There are lots of easy do-it-yourself invitation card ideas available online. Use them to give your wedding a personalized touch.

Your big day is not about lavish spending on your part. You can double the wedding fun by involving your closed ones and planning the wedding well.

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