Glamorous wedding at jaipur

Glamorous wedding at jaipur

The hotel building lies on Roman foundations and medieval walls and was first mentioned in written sources in the famous jaipur.

Park Hotel Ptuj is housed in a town house with a centuries-old building history in the old town of the oldest Slovenian town. Above the hotel is the mighty Ptuj Castle with walls, surrounded by a sun park, the Dominican Monastery and the Little Castle. Romantic views invite you from hotel rooms to the wine-growing Haloze, where top-quality wines have been produced for centuries.

The hotel building lies on Roman foundations and medieval walls and was first mentioned in written sources in the famous Ptuj status from 1513. In 2007, the building was converted into a modern and romantic four-star hotel.

For experiences on the first wedding night, you can choose to pamper yourself in one of fifteen individually furnished rooms with antique furniture and unique bathroom ambiences, intertwined with modern hotel technology and comfort.

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The breakfast buffet will smell of local delicacies and drinks, and for the first wedding morning it will be served in your room or in your bed. You can choose between a Surprise Breakfast, a Dream Breakfast - with live music, an Exclusive Breakfast or a Breakfast of Lust with a massage.


Give yourself and your loved ones a unique experience of a wedding celebration and a magical first wedding night in the embrace of centuries of history and hotel comfort.

The picturesque castle above the town of Ptuj has protected the settlement below for centuries, but today it attracts with its picturesqueness. With its location on a hill above the left bank of the Drava, it was once also strategically important.

The oldest archeological finds at the castle date back to the end of III. millennia BC! Right here under the castle, the famous amber road ran across the Drava. The strategic place was later taken by the ancient Romans, who built a fortress on this place. The oldest, still preserved buildings are from the Middle Ages.

At that time, the castle and the town below it were owned by the Archdiocese of Salzburg. The chronicler of the Archbishop of Salzburg, Konrad I, wrote in the middle of the 12th century about the construction of the castle, which was supposed to serve as a defense against constant Hungarian invasions.

The caretakers of the castle were then the ministers, who also received the name after the castle: "Mr. Ptujski".

The castle has undergone many constructions over the centuries and today the castle has been turned into an imposing museum.

Description of the ceremony

At the request of the newlyweds, the wedding ceremony is performed as it used to be. Such a wedding is a special event that will remain in everyone's memory. The bride and groom are received by the castle lords.

According to the introductory words of the host, the newlyweds and the bride and groom are taken to the ceremonial hall, where they are met by guards who follow the ceremony of the newlyweds all the time. A pianist on the piano provides a pleasant atmosphere.

After the ceremony, the lords of the castle take the newlyweds up the stairs from the wedding hall to the courtyard, where the newlyweds, witnesses and wedding guests are greeted by a gentleman with pigeons. The release of white doves at a wedding symbolizes a commitment between a wife and husband to respect each other, offer mutual support and love for a lifetime.

With the release of the wedding pigeons, their new journey together begins. The pigeons fly into the sky to reunite on a new journey, which symbolizes the new common path of wife and husband.

The full confirmation of the marriage is followed by a toast to the newlyweds and witnesses with sparkling wine. Before leaving the castle, the castle lords give the newlyweds a souvenir. And the celebration can continue at a high-quality hotel if desired.

Wedding package "Glamorous wedding at Ptuj Castle"

• The medieval reception of the castle lords,

• hire an official part of the ceremony,

• presence of guards,

• companion civil ceremony with pianist,

• commemorative gift

• Shooting in the room and on the pitch,

• tip the wedding guests, the newlyweds in the castle courtyard,

• the release of two white pigeons, in confirmation of the law,

• opening a bottle of champagne with a sword.

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