Destination Wedding In Jaipur | Traditional marriage taboos

Destination Wedding In Jaipur | Traditional marriage taboos

Because the same surname represents the closeness of blood relationship, it is taboo to marry with the same surname.

1. The fifth, sixth, seventh, and September of the lunar calendar are the months when marriage is taboo.

In the traditional taboo, "May error" means that the two families are not in harmony after marriage, or it is easy to change after marriage. "No end in June", couples will not have a sweet and fulfilling married life. "Marry Guimou in July."

In Guiyue, the atmosphere is too heavy, and the relationship between husband and wife will be difficult to maintain for a long time due to some inexplicable factors. "September has a heavy head, and if you die, you will die too." Marriage in September is ominous, which is very taboo in this province.

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2. No intermarriage of the same surname.

Because the same surname represents the closeness of blood relationship, it is taboo to marry with the same surname. In addition, surnames such as "Xu, Yu, Tu", "Xu, Ke", "Xiao, Ye" have also been derived. Since they may come from the same ancestor, intermarriage should not be taboo.

3. When we get married, people who are taboo from the Chinese zodiac are watching.

Because the tiger's fate is too fierce, it may cause ominousness. In addition, taboo children watching, so as not to dilute the joy because of crying. In addition, widows and people in mourning should not attend the wedding to avoid the bad news.

Fourth, flowers are easy to wither and should not be used in the marriage process.

Fifth, the bride's clothes should not be sewn with pockets, so as not to take away the blessings of the natal family. In addition, it is taboo to use two pieces of cloth for bridal dresses to avoid bigamy.

6. Within 120 days of the newly-married couple, because the bride is very happy, you should not use the bride's mirror to look at others, so as not to lose your blessings and cause ominous signs.

7. The night before the wedding, the child with the Chinese zodiac dragon can go to bed and roll over, or the bridegroom can sleep with a minor boy overnight. It is said that it is beneficial for the new couple to give birth to an early son.

In addition, the night before the wedding, it is best that someone has slept in the new bed, so as not to "sleepy in the empty room, not to die, but also to die."

8. When the bride enters the man’s house, he must not step on the threshold. In addition to representing respect, he can also avoid inviting ominous things.

These taboos are often modified today. For example, a flower wedding is a dream of girls nowadays, and there are more and more examples of marriages with the same surname, but the basic taboos still need to be paid attention to.

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