A Fairy Wedding Dress Is A Very Feminine Style Wedding Dress

A Fairy Wedding Dress Is A Very Feminine Style Wedding Dress

You felt magical, mythical, and ethereal so much so that you vowed to wear your own fairy wedding dress when your big day at the altar comes.

Be an Ethereal Bride in Your fairy wedding dress. As a young girl, you have probably dressed up in fairy costumes complete with the wings of a butterfly. You felt magical, mythical and ethereal so much so that you vowed to wear your own fairy wedding dress when your big day at the altar comes.

So, what makes a wedding dress fit for a fairy? Well, you are basically aiming for magical, mythical and ethereal, as mentioned above, although you also want modern silhouettes, styles and details.

And remember fairy's love being out in nature, they also love things that sparkle. Just think about how much Tinkerbell loves pixie dust.

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Let's start with the fabrics for the wedding dress. Keep in mind that the overall effect is one of a supernatural creature that seems to float on air.

Thus, light fabrics like organza, chiffon, silk and satin are preferred with touches of heavier fabrics like crushed velvet are added for accents. When you walk down the aisle, it will be as if you are flying gracefully with the fabric of your fairy bridal dress flowing in the light breeze.

And as fairies come in all colors of the rainbow, you can choose to have a fairy wedding dress in any desired hue. In fact, your choice of a multi-hued wedding dress is perfectly acceptable although it is a good idea to stick to complementing colors so as to avoid looking like a clown fairy on your big day.

You also have the same freedom when it comes to the skirts, which can either be semi-structured or free-flowing. Usually, the skirts also feature layers of fabrics but without the hoops of a ball gown since fairies are supposed to move freely. You may even opt for just two layers of fabric for the skirt to create a Bohemian-fairy look to the ensemble.

If you have seen depictions of fairies in movies, paintings and books, your fairy bridal dress will also take inspiration from the fairy godmothers. Inserts, inlays and overlays are great accents to the skirt, which adds to the breezy flowing look of the fairy wedding dress.

As for the bodice, you can also go in any number of directions - or more appropriately, inspirations. Boned bodices with lace-ups at the back are as acceptable as fitted bodices in soft fabrics with a few whimsical details like painted, beaded and crystallized leaves, vines and flowers. Think wood and forest nymphs to get the idea of a fairy dress fit for a modern bride.

Your fairy outfit may even include a detachable light train to mimic the pixie dust that trails fairies in flight. Since you may not be amenable to wings on your wedding day - unless these are worn by your flower girls, of course - then a train with a smattering of sparkly small crystals will suffice for the illusion.

Of course, a fairy wedding dress should be completed with magical accessories. You can choose from either a small tiara or a small flower headpiece or even crystals in your hair.

Your feet can be in high heels or you can go barefoot just like the wood fairies. And don't forget your bouquet, which can be made from cut flowers or wildflowers with maybe a small wand-like thing on top.

Put all of these elements together and you are more likely to create a fairy come down to earth to marry a mortal. Truly, your man will feel so lucky to have you for a bride!

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