Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious in your own Space?

Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious in your own Space?

Transform your space and clear your mind with Dream Space S.O.S. Helping you create your ‘Dream Space’ by Staging, Organizing and Styling!

Dream Space S.O.S.

Did you know that clutter in your home/office can cause a lack of focus, stress and anxiety in your daily life? Be the very best version of you by De-Cluttering and Re-Designing your space for better mental well-being.

Kathleen Hayden (AKA The FUN Organizer!) is a Stress and Anxiety reliever! She is a Professional Organizer, Home Stager and Re-Designer serving Niagara to Mississauga.

She brings fun and motivation to de-cluttering and organizing residential spaces, home offices and small business offices. Re-designing your space also brings happiness and a sense of calm. Below are a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ picture of the same space! Did you know that something as little as paint colour and in-proper lighting can alter your mood?

Before and After

Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious in your own Space? Feeling Stressed Out and Anxious in your own Space?

I believe it is important for you to know that Dream Space S.O.S. is built on passion and discretion. This is what I love to do and I am here to help, no judge. I have turned my love for de-cluttering, organizing and re-design into a fulfilling career to help people like you! I honestly enjoy tackling those piles of clutter! Let me help you create your ‘Dream Space’ so you can feel the immediate benefits of freedom, that stress and anxiety has caused (due to clutter) in your daily life."

Dream Space SOS on Clutter and Anxiety Video

Dream Space SOS Interview

Are You Ready to Feel better, Work better, Play better?

Schedule your Assessment today by calling 905-923-4376 or email Kathleen at Info@DreamSpaceSOS.com

Together, we will find out what is and is not working in your space(s). We come up with an action plan that makes your space work for you and your life style; and we’ll work around your schedule and budget.

Dream Space S.O.S. is committed to reducing, recycling and reusing. We donate to The Canadian Diabetes Association.

Dreamspace SOS

Kathleen Hayden

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