Your Spine Helps You Perceive Your World

Your Spine Helps You Perceive Your World
almost 2 years ago

What do you think of when you think of your spine? It holds you up? Allows you to move? Gives you back pain?

Most people think of something that relates to the physical function aspect of the spine. It allows you to bend and move. Yes. However, that is just the start of what your spine does. The role of your spine in the functioning of your whole body is much greater than smooth movement.

Your spine modulates or changes your perceptions of the world around you and how you think about yourself. Wow! Imagine how that would affect everything! How does your spine do that? When you are confronted by a situation in life your brain checks in with your spine through various nerve pathways. Signals are sent from the brain down to the different parts of the spine. Your brain is looking for information. How well are all your vertebrae moving? Are they in good positions? How are your muscles functioning? Balanced? Are there any facilitated nerve segments telling your muscles to be tightened up or telling your stomach to increase acid production?

Your Spine Helps You Perceive Your World

Your brain uses the information it gets back from your spine to assess your current state of flexible well-being and adaptability. Can you take on this new idea or is it too much? Is this something that is fun or a stressful situation? Your brain will then send the appropriate program out to the conscious part of your brain and to your postural muscles. This program might be your “Yes! Let’s do it” program or it might be your “I feel overwhelmed” program. It all depends on the clear functioning and adaptability of your spinal system. How stressed you ultimately feel in a given situation and how resilient you think you are is a direct result of spinal functioning.

The information from your spine affects all aspects of how you think and perceive the world around you. What decisions you make, how well you sleep, your emotions and re-activeness, how positively you think about an idea, whether you can stick to your diet or if you decide to eat two pieces of cake instead of just one. Think of your spine like a filter that everything goes through.

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Your Spine is Like a Filter

If parts of your spine are challenged in how they are communicating with your brain, you may not feel pain. Instead your perception of the world around you changes to limit your experience and create a smaller life for you without you being aware of it. The good news is a healthy and flexible spine allows for clear thinking, a healthy body and optimum energy.

Curious how the nervous system works? Check out the video below:

Using Network Spinal (NS) care, I am assessing all the systems of your spine to make sure that they are as clear as possible in this information processing and that there is no spinal interference. The main outcome of NS care is spinal and neural integrity or spinal coherence. Meaning the signal from your brain is received and answered by all the parts of your spine in an organized fashion. Then your brain can more often subconsciously decide “This is a great idea!” or you can effectively assess the pros and cons of a project and figure out how to make it work better and how to communicate that effectively to your boss! This results over time into an expanded and enhanced experience of life.

Your Spine Helps You Perceive Your World

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