Unwind Your Spine

Unwind Your Spine

What the heck is Network Spinal Analysis and why does it work to unwind your spine? Donald Epstein shows us a demonstration!

There is a common ideology “Fix it so I can get on with my life”. Although a quick fix may offer temporary relief to your body’s symptoms, it may not address the source of the issue, and end up being more costly in the long-term. Network care offers a holistic and comprehensive approach that takes time to identify and change the patterns that are contributing to pain and symptoms, so you can truly resolve the problem.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) is a healing technology funded and developed by Dr. Donald Epstein a chiropractor teaching to chiropractors worldwide. This is care that uses gentle precise touches along the spine and in a special sequence which elicits a deeper brain body connection which helps the body mind reconnect to stored stress and recover.

Unwind Your Spine



The stress response that we experience is mediated through the “subconscious” parts of our brain. This is why we find ourselves responding to stress, like you would recoil from touching a hot stovetop, before you have become fully conscious of what has happened. Similar to a fight or flight response, when we experience a stressor, our body tries to protect us by bracing for a potential impact. First, your body responds by building tension in different parts of the body. Then naturally the body will shift energy and blood flow away from your digestive and reproductive systems and into your heart, lungs and muscles so they have enough blood and oxygen to save your life. And finally the body shifts its focus to the external environment, and away from your internal mental and emotional states. In essence we “bottle up” our internal emotions until the stressor passes. The body should naturally release this built up tension and emotions. However, if your body is overwhelmed by several stressors, this natural process does not always take place.

Unwind Your Spine

Stress Response


Your body can get stuck in a stress response pattern of storing tension and emotions when the stress is constant, repeated or overwhelming. The body however, has the capacity to store an enormous amount of tension over long periods of time, due to its ability to compensate. It’s not until your body cannot absorb any more tension that symptoms begin to emerge. It’s often the areas that are working well that become painful because they have been compensating for the “stuck” regions over long periods of time. In result, there is a decreased flow of energy and information throughout your body, effecting any and all of your body’s processes. When new experiences, feelings opportunities or stresses come along, you experience them through the filter of unprocessed feelings and tension, rather than being clear and fully present. Your body and brain are stuck in the past.

Below we can see a video of Donald Epstein himself practicing  Network Care. You can see at 3:30 Donny makes his first contact with the spine and the response that the spine has.


As you can see, this is a very different approach to chiropractic care. NSA in action can have very dynamic changes. The process cues the brain to create strategies to make sustainable changes in the spine. With NSA you can entrain your spine to self-organize the stress intention positively.

Unwind Your Spine



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