Complimentary Consultations. Why?

Complimentary Consultations. Why?

Why do we offer a no charge consultation with prospective patients?

We have offered complimentary consultations for some time now in the office; some folks don't fully understand what they are for. So here is a little explanation:

What is a Complimentary Consult?

It is a short meeting where a prospective patient can have a conversation with one of our Doctors in regards to their condition and voice any concerns. It allows patients to ask some questions as to how we work and gauge whether it is a good "fit". Likewise, it allows our practitioners to gauge whether or not you would be suited to our style of care.

What is in NOT?

It is NOT an examination. It's a conversation.

We will not diagnose a condition or examine a prospective patient in a complimentary consult. Should we feel that you are a candidate for our type of care, and you agree to move forward with an examination their will be a separate appointment made where we can fully evaluate your case and perform our in depth analysis. Only following a full exam are we able to give a full diagnosis and a plan of action going forward.

Want to book a Complimentary Consult for yourself or a loved one? Here is how:

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book online by selecting Complimentary Consult

Want More info on our style of care? Watch this little explainer video: