The New Normal Is Not Normal

The New Normal Is Not Normal

We have become more and more willing to accept things as normal that simply are not.

"It's just a NORMAL Headache"

"It's just my NORMAL low back pain"

"It's just my NORMAL neck pain"

The issue is that we are accepting the fact that because we routinely have a problem that makes it "normal".

In our office we screen for any shift from the 'Normal'. My primary focus is to look at the body from the viewpoint that there is a normal structure that should be present; and when we deviate from that normal structure is when we tend to see secondary conditions appear.

In the "Normal" issues above we are accepting an abnormal shift the majority of the time. In a "normal" headache, for example, the most common shift that I see is a forward head shift. It's one of those shifts that you rarely notice yourself. You normally are told by a spouse, mother or friend it seems... or someone takes a picture of you at a wedding! It usually is a slow process that develops over years of poor habits, poor ergonomics and general lack of knowledge in regards to how to prevent/improve their situation. "Normal" neck pain falls into the same category much of the time (with some variation in regards to whiplash injuries or sporting injuries adding to the matrix).

Anterior head

One of the major causes of anterior shifts.

"Normal Low Back Pain" on the other hand can get a bit more complicated as the causative shifts are many. The onset of such shifts can also be from a myriad of issues; lifting, reduced activity, pregnancy, weight gain, motor vehicle accidents, sport accidents, and many more.

In the end of the day we have to stop accepting abnormal as a normal part of life. Get assessed by a professional who specializes in finding the root cause not simply addressing the symptoms. Help us make "Normal", normal again!

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Dr. Matt Lindsay - Aligned Chiropractic - Burlington, ON