Hello November... Goodbye Sunshine!

Hello November... Goodbye Sunshine!

With the change in seasons truly upon us; some changes to our nutrition is appropriate for proper health maintenance.

With the change in seasons comes a change in approach to how we maintain our health and wellness. I will always speak to the benefits of having your nerve system checked by a good Chiropractor, that is a given. I also believe that for a full approach to maintaining good health you need to also look at your physical fitness levels and your nutrition.

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When someone attends our office we make a specific Plan for them in regards to their Nerve System, Nutrition and Exercise.

When a patient attends my clinic we try to look at all aspects of their health and wellness journey. I check them specifically for any structural shifts that may cause harm to their nerve system. We also discuss their physical activity levels and where they may be lacking from a nutritional standpoint.

This is where it gets a bit interesting. I do not believe there is one perfect diet for every man, woman and child. I think what works for one may not necessarily work for another, based on many factors. Where some may thrive on a Vegan diet others would do better in a Paleo style of eating. I do believe in the fact that there are vitamins and nutrients that are essential for everybody.

This time of year is when I'm reminded of the importance of one particular vitamin in the maintenance of health. Vitamin D3 is an interesting 'vitamin' as it is not gained in abundance via our diet. That's not to say you can't get it from foods, largely from fish or fish products, but the major source is not food at all.

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From a food standpoint fish is a source of Vitamin D3, but sunshine reigns supreme

Where we get the majority of our Vitamin D3 from is the sun. Therefore, come the doldrums of late fall/early winter... our "main supply" is cut short due to shorter days, cloud cover, less time outdoors.

So what is the solution? Supplementation is our best bet I'm afraid. The good news is that vitamin D3 is widely available and costs very little. You can find it in different forms, the one I recommend most is THIS ONE as it is easy to take for any age group. As far as dosage it depends largely on the individual and the time of year.

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Supplementation is often a necessary part of a health maintenance regimen.

The 'Sunshine Vitamin' (D3) is necessary in many different body maintenance functions. If you are unsure about how much you should be taking ask me on your next visit to the office, or on your initial consult. I'd be happy to discuss how I think it may benefit you specifically.

Dr. Matt Lindsay
Aligned Chiropractic - Burlington, ON