Getting That Tingling Feeling

Getting That Tingling Feeling

Tingling can be an early sign of a bigger issue.

When we fall in love we often here about getting that "tingling feeling". That's a great thing... nothing better in the world!!

When we get that same tingling feeling in our hands, feet or any extremity... it's a sign, and probably not a great one.

People will often shrug off a change like numbness in the hands as something simple, like carpal tunnel. Numbness in the foot or leg as not being a big deal, putting it down to tight jeans or shoes. Though it may be a simple change to their clothing or activities will make all the difference in the world; at times it is a warning sign of a bigger problem.

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Numbness in the Extremities

Numbness and tingling, you see, are a sign of a compressed nerve (or nerves). Many folks have experienced it from the standpoint of waking in the morning with a "dead arm" or numbness in the hands after spending a little too long at the computer. We'll often shake the hand and wait for feeling to come back, and think nothing of it. In the leg, we'll do the same. Stand up, shake our left leg and do a little dance til feeling returns.

The compression of a nerve is not something to be taken lightly though. Even at the simplest level of how it causes us to change how we use our body.

Let's look at someone with numbness and tingling, but no pain in their Left leg as an example. Standing or walking on that leg their sensation of the ground beneath them is altered, their ability to sense the movement of the leg may be altered as well. Now... they are limping... maybe not overly noticeable, but their body weight displaces to one side over the other. Instead of putting weight into the left leg they now put more through the right side, causing a lateral shift of the body. All of the upper body having to adjust to the new alignment, causing a shoulder to drop and the head to tilt. Short term this is not much of a problem, for example when you stub your toe and limp for a few hours. Long term this change in gait can have a multitude of impact on FUTURE health. It can cause early onset of degenerative changes; both bony and disc related, and lead to chronic conditions.

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Pelvic Shift

The numbness could be a precursor to a bigger issue involving the nerve and lead to extremely painful conditions, like sciatica or constant arm/shoulder pain.

Moral of the story, most conditions cause us no discomfort in the early onset. Left unchecked though it can progress to something much worse. This is why I have dedicated myself to looking specifically at these structural shifts of the spine. When we catch them, and give specific adjustments and advice as to how to improve them, we dramatically improve the outcomes for the future.

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