Pregnancy... when babies attack!

Pregnancy... when babies attack!

Pregnancy related issues seem to find their way to our office regularly. For those that have been through it... they know how difficult it can be.

Pregnancy is a time of excitement. A time of change. And, unfortunately for some, a time of stress and strain on the Mom-to-be's body.

Many of you have read about how structural changes in the body affect your everyday adult. We all understand the daily grind of work, whether it is a manual job or desk bound. We understand that our extracurricular activities (sport, music, etc) can affect us physically. Many fail to realize the affect of growing another human can have on us.

Although pregnancy is an amazing feat of biology and physiology... it's certainly not perfect for everyone. Those who are lucky enough to have found success in starting their family will understand that there is a lot of change on the horizon. Their daily schedule will certainly be different, their financial obligations will have changed, and Moms body (sometimes Dad too ;-) ) will undergo massive changes.

A mother-to-be who under normal circumstances would pop a pill for a discomfort, when pregnant needs to find an alternative. As the body changes these challenges may increase. We look at these challenges and find natural, non-invasive way to help.

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Stages of change in pregnancy.

Each stage of pregnancy has it's own challenges. Whether it is early on with nausea and hormones, or later on with discomfort due to weight gain and baby positioning. Finding a way to keep things functioning optimally is where our Moms thrive.

In Chiropractic we look at pregnancy in a way in which we can help achieve a higher amount of comfort, and improve the birthing process.

Improve the birthing process?!! Yup, you read that right!
For example, women who suffer from back pain during pregnancy are more likely to suffer from back labour during delivery. Unless of course they are actively trying to improve before the delivery. Seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy severely reduces the likelihood of back labour. So, IF it can be avoided... why wouldn't you try?? When we have a better functioning spine and pelvis, the birthing process improves. The combination of specific checks of the spine along with recommending changes to daily activities or exercises makes a world of difference.

The big question I always get:
Is it safe for Mom and Baby???
My answer is a firm YES.

We make 'adjustments' (pardon the pun) to our regular techniques in order to ensure both mom and baby are safe and comfortable. Gentle techniques and specialized techniques are used to improve function throughout the journey.

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Pregnancy Chiropractic

Do you know someone who is expecting? Have them come by Aligned Chiropractic, in Burlington, to find out how they can benefit from seeing a prenatal Chiropractor throughout their journey. It's safe, it's gentle, and most of all it's effective.

As always, if you have questions... we have answers!

Be well.