There Is No Time!

There Is No Time!

Too many of us feel there is no time for healthy lifestyle choices. Is that actually the case though?

When a potential patient walks through my office door there are a few things they should be expecting:

  • A smile and welcome to the office
  • A complete discussion of issues, and a thorough examination (where indicated)
  • Recommendations as to care; including program of care, exercises/stretches, lifestyle modifications, and nutritional advice

Exercise in all shapes!

All of these are done for my patients for a reason. Those who follow the regimen laid out see the best results, obviously. Those who don't follow recommendations are less predictable.


Diet and Exercise

One thing that I hear often is that there is "no time" for the things I ask some to accomplish. This may be the stretches that take are essential to correcting a shift. Perhaps it is me asking them to increase their activity levels or changing food habits or add in supplements. Whatever seems to be a hindrance at first will add a lot to the overall picture. In the end, that is why people seek out my knowledge base. To change an aspect of their life.

The excuses are many, but here are a few examples:

  • 'I work all day and when I get home I don't have the energy to do more than I already do'
  • 'my kid(s) are so involved in sports/activities that there is no time for me to do anything else'
  • and many, many, more...

Looking at the two above I'm sure many will look and think to themselves that, yes, those are the reason(s) I'm not as active as I should be. Let's look at those two reasons closely.

When you work through the day and come home exhausted; getting up the energy to go a be active can be difficult. By no means am I saying that you have to go to the gym daily, or at all really. Being active can be so much more than the gym. Going for a walk around the block (especially with kids and dogs!) is a great way to get some daily movement in. The crazy thing about not having the energy... once you do some exercise you'll feel MORE energy. Ask folks that exercise regularly. When they get to the gym, or park, or wherever... those are the days they feel infinitely better.



The argument for not having time due to kids activities is one I hear regularly. Yes, having a kid playing a competitive level sport, or doing multiple afters school activities certainly adds a new dimension. Let's look at the most common I hear Burlington; rep hockey. I understand it well... I played many years. the kids are on the ice or at off ice training multiple times per week (up to 6 in some cases!!). Parents are the shuttle to get them too and from practice and games. and it takes up a lot of their time. So how do you combat that. Easy. Your in an arena with up to 20 other parents or more. Watching practice drills (i.e- watching paint dry). Instead of watching skating instruction and passing for the 800th time, maybe grab another Mom or Dad, and hit the pavement. Most Arenas are built in subdivisions that have sidewalks and parks. While your little one is exercising at practice, get outside and do a little yourself! Weather not great? Good news... you're in a huge building... walk some laps of the building.

In the end of the day only one person can motivate you to get out and do something. We can give you all the tools in the world; but only you can put them into action.

"where there is a will, there's a way."

Always here to lend a helping hand. 
Be well. 

Dr. Matt Lindsay, DC - Aligned Chiropractic