20/20 Vision for 2020..

20/20 Vision for 2020..

20/20 vision refers to the clarity or sharpness of vision. We should strive for the same acuity when looking at our goals for this year.

'New Year for a New You.'
'New Beginning for a New Year.'
'Better Than Last Year.'

I don't disagree with any of those, or the 100 other cliches we hear with the New Year being upon us. A new calendar allows some to put the past in the past and look forward to improvement and growth. All good things. Where the problem lies for most/many is in actualizing the change.

Change is hard, though. Change at times sucks. Staying status quo is easy; and at times... nothing wrong if it is working some would suggest. I'm of the mindset that we need to constantly grow to feel fulfilled. That could be in many ways, mind you. It could be growing your health and wellbeing, it could be your knowledge base on a subject of interest, it could be social involvement or spirituality. In the end, only YOU can decide and know where your growth will impact your life (and perhaps those in your circle) the most.

So this year sit and reflect on where a change would most benefit you, your family, friends and society in general. A small bit of growth every year can potentially change how things go for you dramatically. So sharpen that focus to 20/20, if you need "corrective lenses" (i.e- professional help from a Life Coach or similar); don't be afraid to ask for help. Perhaps it's your first growth step.

Be well this year.

..and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Aligned Chiropractic.