NeuroStructural Chiropractic

NeuroStructural Chiropractic

What is NeuroStructural Chiropractic, and who can benefit? An Article by Aligned Chiropractic in Burlington, ON

Neurostructural Chiropractic looks at the body in a unique way. When a patient presents themselves to Aligned Chiropractic in Burlington, Ontario we are assessing them for a Primary Structural Shift of the Spine.

We are continually looking at where your body has deviated from "Normal Alignment" because when the spine shifts there are a multitude of conditions which can stem from the change. These are known, simply, as secondary conditions.

Primary Structural Shift

A Primary Structural Shift can occur anywhere in the spine and may lead to a secondary conditions related to that area. They may be noticeable changes to the patient, such as severely un-level shoulders (with or without history of injury to the shoulder). Alternatively it could be a shift that is less noticeable to the patient, such as hip level, or the most common condition Anterior Head Syndrome (AHS).

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AHS is the most common structural shift we see at Aligned Chiropractic in Burlington, ON. Many individuals will not only be unaware of the progression of their condition; but some are also unaware of its existence at all.

We aim to help explain to you what has changed; and how it may be affecting your overall health. A combination of Specific Chiropractic adjustments (where warranted) as well as home exercises and secondary advice on diet, exercise, supplementation and more will help to work patients back to a normal structure. When normal structure is achieved secondary conditions often become a thing of the past.

What are typical Secondary Conditions?

Secondary conditions vary greatly from region to region of the spine, some may be related to a pain in the body where others may be simply a reduced ability in the region. Some will suffer from headaches, sciatica and other pain associated disorders; whereas others may notice a decrease in strength or performance in sport. More systemic issues, such as fatigue and poor sleep have also been reported. In the end, if there is a structural shift affecting the performance of the nervous system a secondary shift is a definite possibility.

A while ago we had this little 'explainer video' made to help in understanding our method, have a watch: