Don't Let It Be The Last 'Straw'

Don't Let It Be The Last 'Straw'

Health and keeping your 'straw unclogged'.

Here I am sitting and speaking to a friend and colleague about how we describe the importance of what we do to our patients. Lots of technical jargon... that really goes over the head of many. So how do we make it simple? With plastic straw bans in the news... it hit me. 

Straws... yes, straws! (no... I've not gone crazy... stay with me here)

Say you're drinking a delicious milkshake. You want to pull the shake up your straw, preferably with ease. If there is a kink in the straw, or a lump in the mix then there will obviously be more difficulty attaining your cold treat. The more clogged or damaged the straw becomes, the more we are unable to achieve our goal of making that loud slurping noise of the last bits of chocolate goodness at the bottom of the glass. So a bent straw, a perforated straw, a clogged straw are all a result of different 'events' in either the making of the straw or in how we've used the straw.

Don't Let It Be The Last 'Straw'

Use your straw!

I can hear you reading this "Ok... but what the heck does that have to do with my health?"

Well the straw is a great parallel to your spine in many ways, I think. The spinal canal in many ways is similar to a tube in shape, like a bendy straw in ways. It transfers information via impulses from the brain to the body, and from the body to the brain. Similar to the way we can use a straw to take a liquid to our mouth... and also blow bubbles in our milk to annoy Mom at the dinner table.

Much like a pinch in the straw makes drinking our beverage more difficult; a kink in the system conveying information will make the Spine and nervous system work differently.

Just like the straw gets kinks and damage from different 'insults' made upon it, so does your spine. Work space ergonomics changing curvature in the neck or from using a device regularly in a harmful manner. Injuries from sports, lifting, or motor vehicle accidents leading to degenerative changes down the road. So each of those injuries you had playing football in highschool over time could be reducing your ability to function fully. Nothing too surprising really.

So here is where I see the big 'difference'... if I damage my straw by chewing on it, or it splits down the side from being clogged; I simply grab a new one. With our spine however... we can't simply 'grab a new one'! The better solution is to try to maintain your straw, un-kinking it, not overloading it, not using it for things it is not intended to do. That way... when the info needs to go one way or the other... it can do so unencumbered.

Maybe it's too simple. Maybe it makes someone out there think about their spine in a different manner.

Always willing to answer questions if you contact me.

Dr. Matt Lindsay - Aligned Chiropractic.